Did the TGS2022 Help The Steam Deck Gain Awareness in Japan? Apparently Yes!

As you know Valve and Komodo have partnered to have a huge booth at the Tokyo Games Show 2022 (TGS2022), and while the show was much smaller than usual, because of the post-COVID19 era, there were still quite a few journalists covering the event, almost as much as usual. But has the event managed to increase the interest in the device locally? According the the latest data from Google Trends in Japan, I’d say it was successful in doing so:

Steam Deck at the TGS2022 did it increase the interest?

As you can see it was not as big of a increase of interest as when the Steam Deck orders became available in Japan in early August, but still a very decent spike because of the presence at the show.

Now, there are still no news of when the units will actually ship in Japan – I thought Valve was pretty bad at communicating but Komodo is yet another level worse. On my ordering form, there’s still no new information since August 4th, no time window, no estimation, no update. Completely static. It’s still supposed to ship before the end of the year, but at this rate it looks like Santa is going to be first in this race.

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