Best Steam Deck Games Released in the Past Week – 2022-10-30 Edition

Between 2022-10-24 and 2022-10-30 there were 156 new games validated for the Steam Deck. We use multiple factors such as popularity, ratings and more to come up with this list of Best Steam Deck Games. Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones, separated in Verified and Playable categories:

Steam Deck Verified


Released on 21 Oct, 2022, developed by Beautiful Glitch, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 99.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

About the game: Embark on a road trip like no other in this co-op narrative survival adventure. Visit fun locations, meet wacky characters, and manage your resources wisely. And yes: you still can date some hot monsters 😉


Released on 26 Sep, 2022, developed by Alblune and published by Armor Games Studios.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie

About the game: Bring kindness and light to the people of Sainte-et-Claire as Lila—a tiny mouse with a big heart! Explore a quaint French village, make electrifying new friends, and do good deeds for those in need in this lush narrative adventure game.


Released on 21 Oct, 2022, developed by Airdorf Games and published by New Blood Interactive .
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 96.5 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie

About the game: What you are about to do has not been approved by the Vatican. As a young priest, struggle against demons, insane cultists, and your own weakening faith in this pixel horror game inspired by the era of classic 8-bit gaming and the “Satanic Scare” of the 1980s.


Released on 12 Jan, 2017, developed by RedCandleGames and published by RedCandleGames, .
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 95.9 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie

About the game: Detention is an atmospheric horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. Incorporated religious elements based in Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology, the game provided players with unique graphics and gaming experience.

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Steam Deck Playable


Released on 21 Jul, 2022, developed by MNKY and published by Pixeljam.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.6 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access

About the game: A fast-paced low-poly 3D rail shooter heavily inspired by classics of the early 90’s. Join protagonist Kyuu as she fights to free the worlds of the Sanzaru Star System, overrun by the intergalactic terrorist organization known as Zodiac.


Released on 24 Oct, 2022, developed by Walternate Realities, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 96.9 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

About the game: Design and simulate the starship of your dreams! Command it in epic battles and manage your crew while exploring a dangerous galaxy. Play alone or with friends, test your ship in online PvP, and let your imagination reach for the stars!


Released on 14 Jan, 2020, developed by TALESSHOP Co., Ltd., self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 96.6 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie

About the game: A game about starting a relationship while working part-time at a convenience store


Released on 17 Oct, 2018, developed by Ironhide Game Studio, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 95.7 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Indie, Strategy

About the game: Command your elven army and defend mystical lands from sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and wave after wave of gnoll tribesman, all with the help of brand-spankin’ new towers, heroes, and spells to fend off every last baddie.

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Kingdom Rush series is the best 🙂


The Spirit and the Mouse is interesting.Some Some Convenience Store… well, I never quite understood that type of game, is it erotic?