Best Steam Deck Games Released in the Past Week – 2022-10-23 Edition

Between 2022-10-16 and 2022-10-23 there were 87 new games validated for the Steam Deck. We use several variables such as popularity, ratings and a few more to make our selection of the best Steam Deck games. Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones, separated into Verified and Playable categories:

Steam Deck Verified


Released on 13 Oct, 2022, developed by Jasozz Games and published by 3D Realms.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 99.4 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Indie

About the game: Death is only the beginning. Crawl from your grave and gear up to fight your way through the ranks of a mysterious and twisted cult. You, your guns, and your dynamite will have to shoot, slide, blast, duck, dodge, and maybe throw a gib or two to survive in this old-school-inspired shooter.


Released on 20 Oct, 2022, developed by ATLUS and published by SEGA.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 97.2 % Positive Ratings

Genre: RPG

About the game: Don the mask and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as they stage grand heists, infiltrate the minds of the corrupt, and make them change their ways!

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Steam Deck Playable


Released on 7 Jul, 2022, developed by 作場金属製作所 Sakuba Metal Works, and published by 作場金属製作所 Sakuba Metal Works.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.8 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG

About the game: You are thrown into a weird world by the machine Garage. Can you escape from it?


Released on 17 Aug, 2021, developed by Gratesca and published by Thermite Games.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 98.6 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG

About the game: Far Away is a visual novel full of dark humor depicting immersive storylines rather than romantic drama. You will play as Krosa, a typical girl who experiences gang conflicts, crimes, conspiracies, and family grudges in the port city of Bedjan.


Released on 15 Mar, 2010, developed by Sidhe and published by PikPok.
[Steam Store Page]

Rating: 96.1 % Positive Ratings

Genre: Action, Indie

About the game: Shatter is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar action with unique twists and a modern crafted production approach.

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