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  • Ekianjo: Owner of BoilingSteam. A long time Linux user both on desktop on mobile devices such as the Open Pandora. I have been playing games for as far as I can remember, starting from the earliest 8 bits computers and going through my beloved Amiga years before landing on PC and consoles. Now most of my time is played gaming on PC, and mostly on Linux, as I try to avoid Windows as much as I can. I enjoy a wide variety of games, and I usually like story driven games and simulations.
  • Psppwner300: For his gaming needs, Pspwner300 ended up (mostly) ditching Windows for Linux a while ago – I said mostly since there’s just stuff he cannot give up right now (Overwatch being the culprit at the time). You’ll find that he likes action games and if you are looking for a fight he will confront you on Skullgirls anytime for good measure. But don’t mistake him for a grunt – he’s a warrior-poet: as skilled on a controller as he is when writing on a keyboard.

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