75% of the Top 100 Most Played Games on Steam Are Playable/Verified on the Steam Deck

Ever wondered how far we have come in terms of Steam Deck support for the Top 100 Most played games on Steam? Well, look no further, we have the answer. It’s going to be split in two parts.

Top 100 Titles are Playable/Verified on the Steam Deck

We get 73 out of 100, so 73% (wait a little for the 75% figure). That’s a nice number, and let me give you the breakdown in the number of titles:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 26
  • Steam Deck Playable: 47
  • Steam Deck Unsupported: 24
  • No Data: 3

First, the most important aspect that will be probably missed from this piece of news is that Valve has successfully ensured that the Top 100 games are adequately tested on the Steam Deck. We know that they use internal metrics at Valve to decide which games go first in terms of testing, as they have limited resources to test all games on Steam, and having 97% testing coverage of the Top 100 is an indication that this is working.

This number will go up very soon as Resident Evil 4 is not rated at the time of writing (while we know from Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter they are working on making its support better). You should expect it to be either Playable or Verified very soon, bringing the coverage to 98% as long as Resident Evil 4 Remake is in the Top 100.

CS:GO is the most popular game played on Steam right now, and it has also recently received an beta update with awesome volumetric smoke effects, and while Linux is not supported natively yet, it seems to work just fine in Proton:

Of course, there’s a lot more, like DOTA2, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2…

Actually, More than 73%

In the list that you will find below, there are several applications that are actually not games, and are therefore irrelevant for the Steam Deck, such as:

  • Wallpaper Engine
  • Soundpad
  • Source SDK Base 2007

So if we remove these 3 from the list, out of 97 actual games left we have:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 26 / 97 = 26.8 %
  • Steam Deck Playable: 47 / 97 = 48.4 %
  • Steam Deck Unsupported: 22 / 97 = 22.6 %
  • No Data: 2 / 97 = 2.06 %

The total of games that are Playable or Verified on the Steam Deck go up to 26.8 + 48.4 = 75.2 %

Is this fair to remove those? Yes, because the Steam Deck is aimed at playing games, and it should be evaluated using that standard, not in running random desktop tools or utilities.

Getting to 100% ?

It’s going to be a uphill battle to get to much higher percentages, as the remaining bastion of unsupported titles is mostly the matter of anti-cheat support:

one of the top 100 most played games on steam
Destiny 2, unsupported on the Steam Deck
  • PUBG
  • Destiny 2
  • Rust
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Black Desert

Most of them are held back by the EAC technology, while we already know it’s supported on Linux and can be made to work with it… Devs and publishers just have to care about it.

as seen on ProtonDB

The best thing we can do at this stage is make the Steam Deck market grow in size. The bigger it is, the less the publishers will be able to ignore it. The Steam Deck is still far from there, but give it 2, 3 years, the story might look quite different then.

It’s unlikely that retroactive support will ever come for older titles, but for upcoming titles… we might just get more lucky.

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The Full List

You can find the full list below.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive8534651519457Steam Deck Playable
Dota 23729731295114Steam Deck Playable
Apex Legends240456624473Steam Deck Verified
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS2265313257248Steam Deck Unsupported
Team Fortress 295449167951Steam Deck Playable
Grand Theft Auto V91153364548Steam Deck Playable
Wallpaper Engine75779147019Steam Deck Unsupported
Resident Evil 474764168191NA
Source SDK Base 200770974211556NA
Lost Ark667021325305Steam Deck Unsupported
Destiny 260611316750Steam Deck Unsupported
Unturned59310112703Steam Deck Playable
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT59219187468Steam Deck Playable
Rust57807245243Steam Deck Unsupported
Crab Game5356656106Steam Deck Playable
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II | Warzone™ 2.049487491670Steam Deck Unsupported
War Thunder47130100779Steam Deck Verified
Football Manager 20234425183715Steam Deck Verified
Warframe42509189837Steam Deck Playable
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI37616162657Steam Deck Playable
ARK: Survival Evolved37397248405Steam Deck Verified
PAYDAY 237098247709Steam Deck Verified
MIR43490497173Steam Deck Unsupported
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 2329305110878Steam Deck Unsupported
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege29132201053Steam Deck Unsupported
Terraria27483489886Steam Deck Verified
ELDEN RING26784953426Steam Deck Verified
DayZ2675563046Steam Deck Unsupported
Summoners War: Chronicles2581538641Steam Deck Unsupported
Red Dead Redemption 22542270914Steam Deck Playable
Monster Hunter: World25155334684Steam Deck Playable
Hogwarts Legacy23322879308Steam Deck Verified
Stardew Valley2323294879Steam Deck Verified
Hearts of Iron IV2262470997Steam Deck Playable
Left 4 Dead 222206162399Steam Deck Verified
Dead by Daylight21785105093Steam Deck Unsupported
Goose Goose Duck21579702845Steam Deck Playable
NBA 2K232114137213Steam Deck Verified
The Sims™ 42084896328Steam Deck Playable
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel20829262689Steam Deck Playable
Don’t Starve Together2076368418Steam Deck Verified
Total War: WARHAMMER III19317166754Steam Deck Unsupported
Cities: Skylines1922260386Steam Deck Playable
Project Zomboid1846665505Steam Deck Verified
7 Days to Die1739270664Steam Deck Playable
MONSTER HUNTER RISE17034231360Steam Deck Playable
Shadowverse1689124167Steam Deck Playable
雀魂麻将(MahjongSoul)1641035277Steam Deck Playable
Euro Truck Simulator 21627661081Steam Deck Verified
Valheim15673502387Steam Deck Verified
Garry’s Mod1561273863Steam Deck Playable
Black Desert1556060395Steam Deck Unsupported
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord15386248216Steam Deck Playable
Stellaris1522368602Steam Deck Playable
tModLoader1494638058Steam Deck Playable
RimWorld1449360789Steam Deck Verified
Albion Online1432825116Steam Deck Playable
VRChat1422846814Steam Deck Verified
Sons Of The Forest14161414257Steam Deck Unsupported
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition1379069906Steam Deck Playable
Brotato1305730409Steam Deck Verified
Slay the Spire1257933086Steam Deck Verified
Farming Simulator 2212566105636Steam Deck Playable
Cyberpunk 2077125131054388Steam Deck Verified
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online1201895150Steam Deck Playable
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth1194370701Steam Deck Verified
Deep Rock Galactic1193446687Steam Deck Playable
Sid Meier’s Civilization V1177291363Steam Deck Playable
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt11766103329Steam Deck Verified
Path of Exile11617158882Steam Deck Playable
Rocket League11203147632Steam Deck Verified
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition1108538725Steam Deck Unsupported
Europa Universalis IV1086348165Steam Deck Unsupported
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice10581125315Steam Deck Verified
New World10320913634Steam Deck Playable
Fallout 410279472962Steam Deck Playable
Soundpad1021221331Steam Deck Unsupported
Satisfactory992234238Steam Deck Playable
Football Manager 2022984188767Steam Deck Playable
Cookie Clicker933667867Steam Deck Playable
Sea of Thieves932766906Steam Deck Verified
World of Tanks Blitz932356669Steam Deck Playable
Hunt: Showdown904838802Steam Deck Unsupported
Oxygen Not Included887527486Steam Deck Verified
Limbus Company869023435Steam Deck Playable
Crusader Kings III857798872Steam Deck Playable
Conan Exiles847153402Steam Deck Unsupported
Factorio846934700Steam Deck Playable
Battlefield™ 20428381105397Steam Deck Unsupported
Forza Horizon 5835081096Steam Deck Playable
Battlefield™ V832689814Steam Deck Playable
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™ 816046550Steam Deck Playable
Arma 3804356679Steam Deck Unsupported
Ori and the Will of the Wisps803534807Steam Deck Playable
Last Epoch778340591Steam Deck Unsupported
Russian Fishing 4773613632Steam Deck Playable
Crossout766512170Steam Deck Playable
SCUM753168322Steam Deck Unsupported
Squad736326104Steam Deck Playable

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