3400 Games Now On The Steam Deck with Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising as Verified

We are still observing a relatively low rate of addition of verified/playable games for the Steam Deck – this week most additions were made on 2 days. Nevertheless we are now more than 3400 games validated (3417 games to be precise at the time of publication) on the Steam Deck – in two categories:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 1692 titles
  • Steam Deck Playable: 1725 titles

Total: 3417 titles

just like in the previous update, the Playable titles count is now higher than the Verified one.

You can see the ongoing progression on this chart:

3400 games on the steam deck playable and verified

And here is the daily increase of new titles over time:

With the lower rate of additions the average goes down to 25.5 (from 25.8) new validated titles added on a daily basis.

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Let’s see a few titles that have been added lately:

As Verified:

As Playable:

  • Anno 2070™
  • Return to Zork
  • Another Sight – Definitive Edition

You can also find the exhaustive list, until now, below, with a search feature as well:

titleratingdateStore Link
Star Drift EvolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
SubverseSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Space ScavengerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Pirates OutlawsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
CrunchTimeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Helheim HassleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Spooky Starlets: Movie MonstersSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Avadon: The Black FortressSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Abomi NationSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
No one lives under the lighthouse Director's cutSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
SOLAS 128Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Patrick's ParaboxSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Unreal 2: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
UnyieldingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Sudoku RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Indies' LiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Jewel Match Solitaire SummertimeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Demons Rise Up!Steam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Deflector: Specimen ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire 3 - Collector's EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
FPS Game: Dev TestSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Spirit Hunters: Infinite HordeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Expeditions: ConquistadorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
The Inner WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Chicken Shoot GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
I Want To Be HumanSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
ReassemblySteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
BlackShadowsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Anomaly 1729Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Hybrid BeastsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
The Haunting of Billy ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
New Retro Arcade: NeonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Anno 2070™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Ball 3D: Soccer OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
I Am The HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
IronWolf VRSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Hell GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Return to ZorkSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
WILL: A Wonderful World / WILL:美好世界Steam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
ICY: Frostbite EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Kingdom Two CrownsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Car Demolition ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
[TDA03] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 03 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
Another Sight - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-16Store Page
DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-16Store Page
Red Dead Redemption 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Monster ViatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Zup! ZSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Pendula Swing - The Complete JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Gordian Rooms 1: A curious heritageSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
We Were Here ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Dread X Collection 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMISteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
INDICTEDSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Evil TonightSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
SoundfallSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Rift AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo - DemoSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Rewrite+Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
FORWARD: Escape the FoldSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
A Visit to FriendsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Dream Girlfriend: Twitch Thot 18+ 💜Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
VEREDA - Mystery Escape Room AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
ReceiverSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Putt-Putt® and Pep's Dog on a StickSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 1Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
MechaNikaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
Another Brick in The MallSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
PictopixSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
The Red Strings ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-06-15Store Page
The Light Keeps Us SafeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Frontlines™: Fuel of War™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Ancient EnemySteam Deck Playable2022-06-15Store Page
Secret PieSteam Deck Verified2022-06-13Store Page
Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Train Sim World® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
OneShot: Fading MemorySteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
LumencraftSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
PrimordiaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
Small Radios Big TelevisionsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
VRChatSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Monster Boy and the Cursed KingdomSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
GamedecSteam Deck Playable2022-06-12Store Page
Falnarion TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-12Store Page
Second SightSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Void's Calling ep.1Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Zorya: The Celestial Sisters ™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Animal CafeSteam Deck Verified2022-06-11Store Page
F1® 22Steam Deck Verified2022-06-11Store Page
The Darkest Tales — Into the NightmareSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Titan Attacks!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
WarframeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Fistful of FragsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Bridge Constructor MedievalSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Massive Assault: Phantom RenaissanceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
DoodlerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
Pixel Puzzles 2: RADical ROACHSteam Deck Playable2022-06-11Store Page
JETBOYSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Seals of the BygoneSteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
Potion PartySteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
BOT.vinnik Chess: Opening TrapsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Rocket Bot RoyaleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
ZodiacatsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
ElectricSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday StarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-10Store Page
Late ShiftSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
AgroundSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Mini MatchesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Jewel Puzzle ClickSteam Deck Verified2022-06-10Store Page
Lovely Planet 2: April SkiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the WestwindSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Rogue GlitchSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Alpaca Ball: AllstarsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Expedition ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Move Code LinesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
hexceedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Brigandine The Legend of RunersiaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Iron LungSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Memory Novel - The Sex SaunaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Prison LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Depth Hunter 2: Deep DiveSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Scania Truck Driving SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Euro FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Disney Alice in WonderlandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Secret of the Scarlet HandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Reflex ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Extreme ExorcismSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Pixel Heroes: Byte & MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Plug & PlaySteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Infinitrap Classic: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of EternitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Light FallSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Left AloneSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
GoatPunksSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
SeraphSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
RencounterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Snooker Nation ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Rig n RollSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
KARAKARASteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Lil Big InvasionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Planet DrillerSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Fighting Fantasy LegendsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
The Wardrobe - Even Better EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Goo SagaSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Crashday Redline EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Sally's LawSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Avenger BirdSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
STAR WARS™ SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE™Steam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Necromunda: Underhive WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Oh...Sir! The Hollywood RoastSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Cosmic ExpressSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Dead DropSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
Apocryph: an old-school shooterSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Boreal BladeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
This Strange Realm Of MineSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
The IslanderSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Objects in SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Deep Space Waifu: FANTASYSteam Deck Playable2022-06-09Store Page
Alchemic CutieSteam Deck Verified2022-06-09Store Page
METAL DOGSSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Deep Space Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
The Binding of IsaacSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Ghost on the ShoreSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Sims™ 4Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Escape Room - Der kranke KollegeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
SWORD x HIMESteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Paradise LustSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Aquarist - build aquariums, grow fish, develop your business!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
aerofly RC 8Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Sucker for Love: First DateSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
V RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Final ExamSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Fight The DragonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Westerado: Double BarreledSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Resident Evil Revelations 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Resident EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
ShardlightSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Resident Evil 0Steam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
SacrificeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
Nova BlitzSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Umbrella CorpsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Purring QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
RiMESteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
The Disney Afternoon CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
JYDGESteam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage RexSteam Deck Playable2022-06-08Store Page
DEAD OR ALIVE 6Steam Deck Verified2022-06-08Store Page
HYPERFIGHTSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Age of Empires: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Succubus x SaintSteam Deck Verified2022-06-07Store Page
The Game of Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-06-07Store Page
BrookhavenSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-06-07Store Page
Ben 10: Power TripSteam Deck Playable2022-06-06Store Page
The BunkerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-06Store Page
Rival MegagunSteam Deck Verified2022-06-06Store Page
Fear & HungerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
7 Sexy SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
OrangebloodSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Space Pirates and ZombiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Last StopSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PBA Pro BowlingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Cannibal CuisineSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Customer Cums First!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Seek Girl:Fog ⅠSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PeglinSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
shapezSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
StarsandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
DUSK '82: ULTIMATE EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. CreadSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
My New MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Red Wings: American AcesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Super HexagonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
No More Room in HellSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
10,000,000Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Audiosurf 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Skullgirls 2nd EncoreSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The Typing of The Dead: OverkillSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
BraidSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
ArmelloSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
MonumentSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Crush Your EnemiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
True Lover's KnotSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Diluvion: ResubmergedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
DisintegrationSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
MageQuitSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: MechanicusSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Metro Sim HustleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Project DownfallSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The ExpendabrosSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
CAT InterstellarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-03Store Page
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Oxygen Not IncludedSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Sacred Sword PrincessesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 3Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Skellboy RefracturedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Heavy Metal BabesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Blacksmith of the Sand KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Sugar * StyleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Nomad SurvivalSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Subject 13Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Templar BattleforceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
SolitairicaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Make It Rain: Love of MoneySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Rise of InsanitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
HARDCORE MECHASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
CINERIS SOMNIASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hentai GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
FIA European Truck Racing ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Lazy Galaxy 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-01Store Page
Snakebird PrimerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Deck of AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Evoland Legendary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Croixleur Sigma - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Shovel Knight ShowdownSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
UNDEFEATEDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Hero's SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
PaperballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Dungeon and PuzzlesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Fear TherapySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
The Journey Down: Chapter TwoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Unlimited EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
The Dark Stone from MebaraSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Pony IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'emSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Evil DefendersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Armored WarfareSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Quest HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Heroine Anthem Zero -Sacrifice-Steam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Trapland 2: CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TrailmakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TT Isle of Man Ride on the EdgeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Fall of Light: Darkest EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Swords and Soldiers HDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
ZeroRangerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Out of Reach: Treasure RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Rally ShowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Silver ChainsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
LightseekersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-30Store Page
You Can Kana - Learn Japanese Hiragana & KatakanaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Spirits AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Aquarium DesignerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Beneath a Steel SkySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Plunder PanicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01Steam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Ashes of Immortality IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
CLANNAD Side StoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
DEMON'S TILTSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Sundered®: Eldritch EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Maid MansionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Duke Nukem ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
The End Is NighSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
FlatOutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Rogue CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Infected ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
LoveChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Far Cry® New DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
DJMAX RESPECT VSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Wet GirlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
ShippedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Spark the Electric Jester 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TOUHOU SKY ARENA MATSURI CLIMAXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th GuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Pile Up! Box by BoxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Twists of My LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Kyle is Famous: Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Chrono ArkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TaniNaniSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Touhou Endless DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Succubus CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
OnlyFuck - RuRu's AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Citizen SleeperSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
GoBlasterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Hitman: Absolution™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
STRIDER™ / ストライダー飛竜®Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
NOT A HEROSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Putt-Putt® Joins the ParadeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
MDKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Risen 2: Dark WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Samorost 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
AdVenture CommunistSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Quell ZenSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Monster SlayersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Rosenkreuzstilette FreudenstachelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Drunk-Fu: Wasted MastersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Darkness IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
DraugenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Freedom Force vs. the Third ReichSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Vision Soft ResetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Speed LimitSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
The Ambassador: Fractured TimelinesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Breach WanderersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
SonoritySteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Cube Racer 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Operation Airsoft BetaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Livestream: Escape from Hotel IzanamiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
CreaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kathy RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Through Abandoned: The Underground CitySteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Bit Blaster XLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
WildermythSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kawaii Deathu DesuSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Pixel Puzzle Makeout LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Coloring Game 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
AnuchardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TD: EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Game Dev TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Grey GooSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Blast-offSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idling to Rule the GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Farm Manager 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Aim HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Pure Farming 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
MirrorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Hitman: Blood MoneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Cultist SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Juicy RealmSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
HELLGATE: LondonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
The ComplexSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion KingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked WoodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Pretty AngelSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Sakura Gamer 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil VillageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Idle SlayerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XVSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's ChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Deepest SwordSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST PLANET® 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
PULSAR: Lost ColonySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Serious Sam 4Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
REVOLVER360 RE:ACTORSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DeathsmilesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Mega Man Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
htoL#NiQ: The Firefly DiarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
X4: FoundationsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Hyperdrive MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST SPHEARSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
A Rose in the TwilightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
World War Z: AftermathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
TemtemSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Plane Mechanic SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Prison SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Overcooked! All You Can EatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
One Hand ClappingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-23Store Page
Esports Life TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
Songbird SymphonySteam Deck Verified2022-05-22Store Page
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's RevengeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
YngletSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Citizens of SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
VirtuaVerseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Shank 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Chromosome EvilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
New Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
DeleveledSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
StelaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Murder HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Kindergarten 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Meteorfall: Krumit's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
198XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. DRILLER DrillLandSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Iris and the GiantSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Academy: The First RiddleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Fox AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon walled citySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Hopp's PlayhouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Ashmedai: Queen of LustSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
IwaihimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Red Dead OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Magical Waifus AcademySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Perfect Heist 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Forest GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
卡牌缔造者-CardMakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
tERRORbaneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
MotoGP™22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Treasure TemplesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dark Eye: Chains of SatinavSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
WaveformSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Danmaku Unlimited 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Heavy Metal MachinesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Halcyon 6: Starbase CommanderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Insanity ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Junk JackSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Tempest: Pirate Action RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Dad QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Cube RunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dig®Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
AFTERGRINDERSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Broken RealitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Void BastardsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
POLYBIUSSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Second ChanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Lost in VivoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Terrible LaboratorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
What The ForkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Drink More GlurpSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
New WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Beyond a Steel SkySteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Door in the WoodsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Radical Rabbit StewSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
LabyrinthineSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Iragon: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Arx FatalisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Far Cry® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Super Trench Attack!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Duck GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
The DwarvesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Dead Space™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Sneak ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Pretty Girls Panic!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
FAR: Lone SailsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
while True: learn()Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Play With Me: Escape roomSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fission Superstar XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Outward Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
STAR WARS™ Episode I RacerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fishing Sim World®: Pro TourSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
CRSED: F.O.A.D.Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Train Station RenovationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
SanctumSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
LOVE³ -Love Cube-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed IslandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Gladiator Guild ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Erannorth RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Dream CycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Eonica Chess BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
WishSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Coloring Game 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TaurSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Queen's GlorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TasteMakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
[TDA00] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 00 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Ignited Steel: Mech TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Midnight DriverSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Noob - Les Sans-FactionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Christmas MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Samurai BringerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
GatewaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Penumbra OvertureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Castle In The DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BlockstormSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
RADical ROACH RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
The BallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ThumperSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
World to the WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Alone in the Dark 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ECHOSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BarotraumaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
THE LAST BLADE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Lucy Got ProblemsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Idle Kingdom BuilderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Godfall Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
CrumbleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Dark LightSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Sky CannoneerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Catgirl & Doggirl CafeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
KingSimSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Vampire's Fall: OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Danger ScavengerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
港詭實錄ParanormalHKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fleeting IrisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dice LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Escape DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Third CrisisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
STRIKERS 1945Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Black Geyser: Couriers of DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chevalier HistorieSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
YUMESteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Märchen ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Plague BreakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
The Shadow of YidhraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Pixel Cup Soccer - Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
H-Isekai LovesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
JIJImago(old & young)RPGminiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Out of the Park Baseball 23Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chasing SunsetsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Renryuu: AscensionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Downfall - A Slay the Spire Fan ExpansionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iron Sky: InvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Full Mojo RampageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assault Android Cactus+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
NihilumbraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Breach & ClearSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Far Cry® 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Oscura: Lost LightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Disney's Chicken LittleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: ChinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Cursed SightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Slain: Back from HellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Epistory - Typing ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
DownwardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Long Gone DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey / フィリスのアトリエ ~不思議な旅の錬金術士~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dying Light 2 Stay HumanSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dino Dini's Kick Off™ Revival - Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
古剑奇谭(GuJian)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
King's Bounty: CrossworldsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Total Tank SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
State of War : Warmonger / 蓝色警戒 (Classic 2000)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Season's BeatingsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dungeon MunchiesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Terraforming MarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Bane of AsphodelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou: Scarlet CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fate SeekerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iris.FallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dreamwalker: Never Fall AsleepSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA SIN VIERSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Strategic Mind: The PacificSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
RB: AxolotlSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
FilamentSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Murder by NumbersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Steamy SextetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VoxelgramSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
AshenForestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VecterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Sex with the DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tavern of GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Dungeon OverseerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tame It!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
九州战歌Steam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
DuckTales: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Day of DefeatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Medieval DynastySteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
STAR WARS™: SquadronsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
FALL IN LABYRINTHSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
疯狂炮炮捕鱼Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Eggcelerate!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Beatbuddy: Tale of the GuardiansSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Risk of RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
F1 2015Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black OpsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Project RhombusSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
The Beast InsideSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
SpaceChemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Cavity BustersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Jitsu SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Hitchhiker - A Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
DemonizerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WitchcraftySteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Heroes Of Maidan 3: Crimean BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
The Catch: Carp & Coarse FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Ghostbusters: The Video Game RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Waifu Discovered 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Witch 2 Hell AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Karryn's PrisonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Avernum: Escape From the PitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rogue WarriorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
AnachronoxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Blood KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
MX vs. ATV Supercross EncoreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
House of the Dying SunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WindscapeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
DUCATI - 90th AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Crypt of the Serpent KingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
8-Bit Invaders!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Son of a WitchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Panty PartySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Void MemorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
We. The RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Black Future '88Steam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
PaunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
CONCLUSESteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rise of CrustaceansSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Torchlight IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VASARA CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam Double D XXLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Star FetchersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Project RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Blue ShiftSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
PengoRoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Viticulture Essential EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
KisekimuraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Who's Lila?Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
The ForgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
FURRY SEX: Cabaret 💋🔞Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
PROJECT: HalloweenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
You Will (Not) RemainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serena: Dark confessionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Knightfall: A Daring JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
LocoCycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Retro Game CrunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VaganteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
EmberSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Armed with Wings: RearmedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Zero Punctuation: Hatfall - Hatters Gonna Hat EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
12 is Better Than 6Steam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
DashBoredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Opposing ForceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
New York Mysteries: The Lantern of SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Please, Don't Touch Anything 3DSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
MinimalismSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Healer's QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam: TormentalSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
428: Shibuya ScrambleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
HammerHelmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
ZombotronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Runes of MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Creature in the WellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Chicken Police - Paint it RED!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Shing!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Vaporum: LockdownSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Path of GiantsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
ATRI -My Dear Moments-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Days GoneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Kill It With Fire: IgnitionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Card SharkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Mech ArmadaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Mr.MineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ghostwire: TokyoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Curiosaurios Club. Un viaje espacialSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Chicken Invaders UniverseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ComPressureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
JoyspringSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:KuroiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Leave No One Behind: la DrangSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
CombotsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
NSFW StudioSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:BFSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Didnapper 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Far Cry 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Deadfall AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
1954 AlcatrazSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Hero and Daughter+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Assassin's Creed® UnitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black Ops IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Double Dragon TrilogySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Deadly Tower of MonstersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ObliteracersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Circuit BreakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
POSTAL ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
8-Bit ArmiesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Riptide GP: RenegadeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
World of Tanks BlitzSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Zaccaria PinballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
MontaroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Blade StrangersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Hand of MerlinSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
BugsnaxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Fox HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Lumberjack SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
OCTOPATH TRAVELER™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Back 4 BloodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ary and the Secret of SeasonsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite CombateSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Trigon: Space StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Summer with Mia Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
ShanheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
MimpiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Peaky Blinders: MastermindSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
MXGP 2019 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
TokiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Réussir : Code de la Route - Nouvelle Édition (French Highway Code)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Ember KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Chinatown Detective AgencySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
StoneflySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GleamlightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Shady Lewd KartSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Knock HarderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GUNBIRDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lelie Navigation!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Trek to YomiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Fox Girls Never Play DirtySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GodstrikeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Beyond Good and Evil™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
OMFG: One Million Fatal GunsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Leenie BoogSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Crystal ProjectSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Jerma & Otto: The Curse of the Late StreamerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Genderbend Me! Sayonara Demon DongSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
There Is No Light 616Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lost Alone Ep.1 - SorellinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
그레텔과 윈슬로의 별장Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Serious Sam: Siberian MayhemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blue Fire: Void MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Motorbike Traffic SplashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
UDONGEIN XSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
YTBBSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OnlyFap Simulator 💦Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
PAC-MAN MUSEUM™Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Samurai GunnSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Bound By FlameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Dino Run DXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HalfwaySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HexcellsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
ShiftlingsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SoccertronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Adam's Venture: OriginsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
ChromaGunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Children of ZodiarcsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
UBERMOSH:BLACKSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Holobunnies: Pause CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
SpikitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Serial CleanerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Rose of WinterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blazing ChromeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
The Norwood SuiteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
11-11 Memories RetoldSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
RIDE 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
BuggosSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Swimsanity!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Epic Skater 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
NASCAR Heat 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OverdungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Doom & Destiny WorldsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
VeninethSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SYNTHETIK: ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Phantom PathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Exit the GungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Farming Simulator 22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Cat Cafe ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Assassin's Creed Freedom CrySteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
EronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
SimplePlanesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Sad Story of Emmeline BurnsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Little Nightmares IISteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Last CampfireSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Merchant of the SkiesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RetroMania WrestlingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Street Power FootballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
DestropolisSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mightyy's FPS Aim TrainerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Godlike BurgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Traitors in SalemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Potato Flowers in Full BloomSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Out Bike the Tsunami™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Baldo: The Guardian OwlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Boxing Club ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crow StorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Fish StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Dungeon Runner XZSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Traction ControlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
The Odyssey of the MammothSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Guns of Icarus OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
ResonanceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
GraviSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
ToribashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Corpse PartySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Gods Will Be WatchingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
A Boy and His BlobSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon World™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Kero BlasterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
NEON STRUCTSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Death Skid MarksSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crash Drive 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Natural SoccerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
The Franz Kafka VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mushroom WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Koihime Enbu 恋姫†演武Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Guns N' BoxesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Princess Maker Go!Go! PrincessSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Just Ski+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
1 Screen PlatformerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Headliner: NoviNewsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Melvor IdleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Deiland: Pocket PlanetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Red AlgorithmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Super SwitchSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Wave BreakSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Strange Night llSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Neo CabSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
The Stillness of the WindSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
In Other WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Kara no ShojoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
LamentumSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Falcon AgeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LOST EGGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
My Vow to My LiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Natsuki ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
YesterMorrowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Planet CrafterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Oblivity - Find your perfect SensitivitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Hanako | 花子さんSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Succubus★Connect!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Escape SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Alice in Wonderland - a jigsaw puzzle taleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
SUPER DRINK BROS.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Dwarf JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Eternal Cave EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Beholder 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Paint Drying SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Dexter Stardust : Adventures in Outer SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Ys IX -Monstrum NOX-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ChezzleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
MathletixSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LeningradSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned kingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
World SeedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
BouldeurdacheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
SQUID GIRLS 18+Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
IbSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Lootbox RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
StacklandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Painkiller Hell & DamnationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Stanley ParableSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ContrastSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
DistanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
I Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Among the Sleep - Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted LandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Impossible GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Golf ClubSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Bridge Constructor PlaygroundSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
MuninSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Enemy MindSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
DubWarsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Merchants of KaidanSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
TengamiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Sublevel Zero ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Tile MinerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Plebby Quest: The CrusadesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
HuniePopSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Adventures of ChrisSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
FlemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Beyond EyesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Curious ExpeditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Gryphon Knight EpicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Pixel GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The AssemblySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
TRON RUN/rSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Clouds & Sheep 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
OPUS: The Day We Found EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DYESteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
PinkmanSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DUSKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Bad Dream: ComaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Sleeping ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Operation Babel: New Tokyo LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Invisible HoursSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
PAKO 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Fidget SpinnerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ClaybookSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
CHUCHELSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Raji: An Ancient EpicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Speed Dating for GhostsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Loot Box QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Super Ledgehop: Double LaserSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Void Rains Upon Her HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Tick Tock: A Tale for TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Zanki Zero: Last BeginningSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
SIMULACRA: Pipe DreamsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Beyond BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Fate HuntersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
UnheardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DisjunctionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Puzzle game for kidsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Age of Empires® III (2007)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
Persona 4 GoldenSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
The Answer Is 42Steam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
SMASH LEGENDSSteam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
ROUGH KUTS: Night of the Living DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
World of Guns: Gun DisassemblySteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Children of MortaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
ASTRONEERSteam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
RUINERSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
BarroSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
PC Building SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Play With Gilbert - RemakeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Shores UnknownSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Murder Mystery MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Thronebreaker: The Witcher TalesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Morels: The HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
For The WarpSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
SkullySteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Pascal's Wager: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV -THE END OF SAGA-Steam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Loot RiverSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
DadishSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Artist Life SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Time on Frog Island - PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Beat InvadersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
BADLAND: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
PARTICLE MACESteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
The KeepSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Death GoatSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Criminal Girls: Invite OnlySteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Ziggy's ChaseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Dude, StopSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
DeleteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
CreaksSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
CrystarSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Palindrome Syndrome: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
怕不怕趴喵霸霸 Ghost Party NyanbabaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
Near DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
CRYPTARKSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
Killing RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-05-02Store Page
Swords and Soldiers 2 ShawarmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
MaquetteSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
ColdSideSteam Deck Playable2022-05-01Store Page
Sex Robot Road Trip: Highway to HarrisburgSteam Deck Playable2022-05-01Store Page
SwarmlakeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-01Store Page
EarthXSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
AristocuntsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
PlokothSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Marble WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
RollSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Gravity SnakeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Buccaneers! The New Age of PiracySteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
DeflectorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
ReFactorySteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Splash JumperSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
DARK OF CHROESteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Roma InvictaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
The Baleful TowerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Cactus SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Quantum ConundrumSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Sacred CitadelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
DeponiaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
WrackSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
VIDEOBALLSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Hatoful BoyfriendSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Toast TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
CobaltSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
oOSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
No Time To Explain RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
SteamrollSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Cattails | Become a Cat!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Russian Fishing 4Steam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Friday the 13th: Killer PuzzleSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Sam & Max 101: Culture ShockSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Super Volley BlastSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Narcos: Rise of the CartelsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Intergalactic FishingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
ibb & obbSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Idle WizardSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
WingspanSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Touring KartsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Monaco: What's Yours Is MineSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Buccaneers!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Tainted Grail: ConquestSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Grand Mountain Adventure: WonderlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
a new life.Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
SophstarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
CATch the StarsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Tanto CuoreSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Space Warlord Organ Trading SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Rogue SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Pandemic LoveSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Wild Wet WestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Peppy's AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
LaserShotzSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Arrow SudokuSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Hero's HourSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
BlackhavenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
BridgeFix 2=3-1Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
A-Train: All Aboard! TourismSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Legend of the Outlaw MageSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
FIND ALL 2: Middle AgesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Cupid NonogramSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Day After DaySteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Magic SexylandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Huygens PrincipleSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
The Tribulation EntanglementSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Idle Sand CastleSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
UnnamedGame RPGSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Crown ClaimerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Poly Memory: DogsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ShreddersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Panicked and Surrounded by Hot VampiresSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Succubus Girl StorySteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Penny for Your ThoughtsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ApotheonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
CastleStormSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Mushroom 11Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Neverending NightmaresSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Coin CryptSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
MonochromaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf HD RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
You Have to Win the GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel LisbonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
OZMAFIA!!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Sunrider: Mask of ArcadiusSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Instant Dungeon!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
It came from space and ate our brainsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
VidarSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Lethis - Path of ProgressSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
TurmoilSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Teddy TerrorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Gremlins, Inc.Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000Steam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Sakura FantasySteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
GRIP: Combat RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Rusty Lake HotelSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
The Gardens BetweenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Home Sweet HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Freaky AwesomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
AMID EVILSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Dungeon Warfare 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
SemblanceSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
MaitetsuSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ElizaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em UpSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
SlipstreamSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
PickCrafterSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
INMATE: SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Unbound: Worlds ApartSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Dominatrix Simulator: ThresholdSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ONINAKISteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Chicory: A Colorful TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Ciconia When They Cry - Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable OnesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Zoo 2: Animal ParkSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Contraband Police: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
The Demon Lord is New in Town!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Panzer KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
PixrossSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
AnnSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Silent Hunter® IIISteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Silent Hunter®: Wolves of the Pacific U-Boat MissionsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Cat Gets MedievalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Pavlov's HouseSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Pets and GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
IncrediboxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia ViewSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus®Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Heard There Was A Chosen OneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos ~Love・or・die~Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Sweet HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
GLIMSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HoltSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Deep Despair 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
GUN&DUNSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Martial LawSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HinterlandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Innocence Or Money - PreludeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
EOS 27Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
100 hidden birds 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Cave Story's Secret SantaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Newton Going HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
CatNabSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
They Bleed PixelsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Original WarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
OlliOlliSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
MonstrumSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Disney•Pixar Brave: The Video GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds EndSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Heileen 3: New HorizonsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Crookz - The Big HeistSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: RussiaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ X-Wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Black MesaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 4Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Call of Cthulhu®Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
LUNA The Shadow DustSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Pan-PanSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HacktagSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
ManeaterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
CyberhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security BreachSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Stygian: Reign of the Old OnesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Close Combat: The Bloody FirstSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Truck and Logistics SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
INMOSTSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
BURIED STARSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Curious Expedition 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
LEGO® Builder's JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Mega Man X DiVESteam Deck Playable2022-04-25Store Page
My Friend Peppa PigSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
PaintballSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New RidersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Barro 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
CoromonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Kingdom of Assetia: The Clicker GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Tap Ninja - Idle gameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-23Store Page
ProspektSteam Deck Playable2022-04-23Store Page
BE-A WalkerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Will You Snail?Steam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
Coloring Book for KidsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
PsycholonialsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
WizorbSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
Hundred Days - Winemaking SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
HealSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Home Sweet Home EP2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Open CountrySteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
HyperbolicaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Play With Gilbert - A Small TailSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Run Prop, Run!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-21Store Page
Pixel Art Coloring BookSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Erotic Jigsaw Puzzle SummerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Toree 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Charades Movie OneSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Before the EchoSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
NASCAR '15 Victory EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
TimespinnerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Invisigun ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
BoomTown! DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-21Store Page
GorogoaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
TinkertownSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Not Tonight 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?Steam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie gameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
112 OperatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Barn FindersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 1Steam Deck Playable2022-04-19Store Page
Castle on the CoastSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Trivia TricksSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
NothingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Super Retro FighterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
WitchSpring3 Re:Fine - The Story of Eirudy -Steam Deck Playable2022-04-19Store Page
Breakout: RechargedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Know by heartSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
WattamSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Pants QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Cricket 22 - Academy Creation ToolsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black Ops IISteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Tom Clancy's EndWar™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
A City Sleeps™Steam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to ClimbSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
The Letter - Horror Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
WrongworldSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Super Fancy Pants AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
MundaunSteam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Dungeon DeathballSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
EndCycle VSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Metro SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Day of DragonsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VISteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Rocket ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Great Marble AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The Lord of the Rings Online™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Slender: The ArrivalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Rebel GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Mad FatherSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Medieval Kingdom WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 3Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Hyper JamSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - RedemptionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
MXGP3 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
TattletailSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The VagrantSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Shakedown: HawaiiSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Yono and the Celestial ElephantsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Yume NikkiSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Super Bunny ManSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
SIMULACRASteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Little MisfortuneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Dark Rose ValkyrieSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Sid Meier's Railroads!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
WorbitalSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
NecroVisionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Degrees of SeparationSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
PHOGS!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
GUILTY GEARSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
SimpleRockets 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
~Azur Ring~virgin and slave's phylacteriesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
ArmajetSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Eternal RadianceSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
VectronomSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Blood CardSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Apsulov: End of GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Puyo Puyo ChampionsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Operencia: The Stolen SunSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
CalicoSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Quantum ProtocolSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Dread TemplarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
At Dead Of NightSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Crab GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Trucks & TrailersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Blackguards 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Dangerous GolfSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
EverythingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
UnworthySteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
GrowbotSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
Little Witch Academia: Chamber of TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
Nippon MarathonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
TOKYO GHOUL:re [CALL to EXIST]Steam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Sword Art Online: Lost SongSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Project ZomboidSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Jurassic World Evolution 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
3on3 FreeStyle: ReboundSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
War ThunderSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Saint Seiya: Soldiers' SoulSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
EcoSteam Deck Playable2022-04-12Store Page
Gray DawnSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
The SojournSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
HeadsnatchersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Transient: Extended EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-12Store Page
Underworld AscendantSteam Deck Playable2022-04-11Store Page
Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday BashSteam Deck Verified2022-04-10Store Page
Moons of MadnessSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Castle Woodwarf 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
The TestSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by DogsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
D-CorpSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Titan ChaserSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Stolen RealmSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
ANVILSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Wolf of Stock StreetSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Hidden in Plain SightSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Star Traders: FrontiersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
YIIK: A Postmodern RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Of Bird and CageSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Feel The SnowSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Planes, Bullets and VodkaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Wild Guns ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Yomawari: Midnight ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses OnlineSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Do Not Feed the MonkeysSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
High HellSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Boyfriend DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
BOOBS SAGA: Prepare To Hentai EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
MechWarrior 5: MercenariesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Tower Hunter: Erza's TrialSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The SlaterSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The Witch's House MVSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
NEBULOUS: Fleet CommandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Mad Tower TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
UndungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
I Am DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]Steam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Panzer PaladinSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Space HavenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Dungeon Defenders: AwakenedSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Overlord™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
XIIISteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Len's IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Hidden Lands - Spot the differencesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
PsychSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Relaxing KiteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
EZ2ON REBOOT : RSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Kate: Collateral DamageSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Buck Up And Drive!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Of Orcs And MenSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Time RiftersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Metro 2033 ReduxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
FINAL FANTASY® XIIISteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
The Culling Of The CowsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
GeneshiftSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V GenerationSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Shadow Complex RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
AquaNoxSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Amihailu in DreamlandSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
BIGFOOTSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
The Golf Club 2™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Laser League: World ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
PixARKSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Super Street: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Steel Rats™Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow FragmentSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
DEEP SPACE WAIFUSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
RESONANCE OF FATE™/END OF ETERNITY™ 4K/HD EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Witch HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic MassacreSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
CODE VEINSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Deus Ex: Invisible WarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Dino D-DaySteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
SEGA Bass FishingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Groove CoasterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji CombatSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Albion OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
NUTSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Kaze and the Wild MasksSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Double CrossSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Cyber ShadowSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Agony UNRATEDSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
R-Type Dimensions EXSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
SimmilandSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Sea SaltSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
RecompileSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Second Extinction™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
30XXSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
LakeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Space Crew: Legendary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Bright Memory: InfiniteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
CardaclysmSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
The Longest Road on EarthSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Ys IX: Monstrum NoxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Prince of Persia®: The Sands of TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
Grow: Song of the EvertreeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
AlekonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Ghost Marriage MatchmakingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Stuck In TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
La-MulanaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Woolfe - The Red Hood DiariesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
ChroniconSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
Maid of SkerSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
VivietteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
The Shapeshifting DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Everreach: Project EdenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Trials of ManaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray BibbiaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
AFTERBURNSteam Deck Verified2022-04-03Store Page
Fight'N RageSteam Deck Verified2022-04-03Store Page
ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
HnefataflSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
DEVOURSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Brutal LegendSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Super MotherloadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Battlezone 98 ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
STAR WARS™ - Dark ForcesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2: The Adventure ContinuesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
VRC PROSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Crash Drive 3Steam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
The Mean Greens - Plastic WarfareSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Pathologic Classic HDSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
BioShock™ 2 RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Stranger of Sword CitySteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Turbo PugSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Devil DaggersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force AwakensSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Age of GladiatorsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Hidden Through TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
The Walking Dead: A New FrontierSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Sally Face - Episode OneSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Wayward SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
The Outer WorldsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANASteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Star RenegadesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Unruly HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Someday You'll ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Seed of the DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
OmnoSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
STEINS;GATE: My Darling's EmbraceSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Cake BashSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
SAMURAI SHODOWN NEOGEO COLLECTIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Memoirs of a Battle BrothelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
ViscerafestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
AI Drone SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUTSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Sid Meier's StarshipsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
FrostpunkSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Velocity 2XSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
How To Survive: Third Person StandaloneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Sniper EliteSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
ChaserSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Princess Remedy in a World of HurtSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Deadlight: Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Condemned: Criminal OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Ben and Ed - Blood PartySteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Fort TriumphSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Steampunk Tower 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Rising HellSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
The King's BirdSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Jet LancerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Paw Paw PawSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Narita BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Sands of SalzaarSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Warhammer: Chaos And ConquestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Killing FloorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New YorkSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® VegasSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
HaremKingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
League Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Torchlight IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin (Classic)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
MARVEL Puzzle QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner CaySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Trine 3: The Artifacts of PowerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
SubterrainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Death's Gambit: AfterlifeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Bounty TrainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
LiEatSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
80 DaysSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
2DarkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Hidden FolksSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Halo Wars: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Welcome to the GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Realms of MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Tokyo 42Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
DRIFT21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Fresh BodySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Golf It!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Party Hard 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
LEGO® City UndercoverSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Old Man's JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's CurseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
CatmazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Rez InfiniteSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! XTENDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
9 Monkeys of ShaolinSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
TINY METALSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Beholder 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With MeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Lovecraft's Untold StoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
LIBERATEDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Gato RobotoSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Get In The Car, Loser!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada -Steam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Firing VibesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
FliponSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Tiny Combat ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Sakura Knight 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Jetborne RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
S.U.M. - Slay Uncool MonstersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Infested PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Arma II: DayZ ModSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
RobocraftSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Potatoman Seeks the TroofSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
The UniversimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Disc JamSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
The House of Da VinciSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
ICEYSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Jurassic World EvolutionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Dragon SpearSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:NewalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Romancing SaGa 3™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
One Step From EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Arrow TourneySteam Deck Verified2022-03-29Store Page
Black SkylandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Eternal HopeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
MystSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
100% Orange JuiceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Sniper Elite 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
IndivisibleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
SHENZHEN I/OSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
I Can't Believe It's Not GamblingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Outer WildsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
GloomhavenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
Moving OutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Firestone Idle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Neptunia ShooterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lords MobileSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Brunch ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battle Grounds IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Banners of RuinSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
NBA 2K20Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
SONG OF HORROR COMPLETE EDITIONSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Football Manager 2020Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Last SpellSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
HydroneerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ranch SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Landlord's SuperSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
EVERSPACE™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Big ConSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
OwlboySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Idle Big DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Breeders of the Nephelym: AlphaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Growing UpSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Suite 776Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Midnight RideSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Kili's treasureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Cloud MeadowSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Boxman's StruggleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Door Kickers 2: Task Force NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Dark Deception: Monsters & MortalsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Kainga: Seeds of CivilizationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Cyber AgentSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Baldi's Basics PlusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ProntySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Ship Graveyard SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ArchvaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Midnight Castle Succubus DXSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
World of Art - learn with Jigsaw PuzzlesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Drox Operative 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Pledge: Extra creditSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Super Bomberman R OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SiN: GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Endless Battle: Return of Hero +1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Rise and FallSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Action TaimaninSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Evening StarterSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Mad Games Tycoon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mysteries Of DarknessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
I am an Air Traffic Controller 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Gem Wizards TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Endless BountySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Jigsaw Puzzles: Master Artists of OldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Super Mecha ChampionsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Diorama BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Chinatown Detective Agency: Day OneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
[TDA01] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 01 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Syberia: The World BeforeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Fuzz Force: Spook SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
BLUE REFLECTION: Second LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tour de France 2021Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Out of the Park Baseball 22Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
College Kings - Act ISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Road 96 🛣️Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
鬼谷八荒 Tale of ImmortalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Hentai Femdom Sim: Femdom UniversitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Carrier Command 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Youtubers Life 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Carnal InstinctSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
HALF DEAD 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tavern MasterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SOL CRESTASteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Rune Factory 4 SpecialSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tree Simulator 2022Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
IncrelutionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Core KeeperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Dreams of Desire: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lust from Beyond: M EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGENDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
eFootball™ 2022Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Uncrashed : FPV Drone SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Fetish Locator Week TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Wolfenstein: The New OrderSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Strike Suit ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
RaceRoom Racing ExperienceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Basement CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Prison ArchitectSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
BanishedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Men of War: Assault Squad 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Plague Inc: EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Viscera Cleanup DetailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Door KickersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UnderRailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Race The SunSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Silent Storm Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gauntlet™ Slayer EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gray MatterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lethal LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
10 Second NinjaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
This War of MineSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ENDLESS™ LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Heroes® of Might & Magic® III - HD EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Call to ArmsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mortal Kombat XSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® RogueSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battlezone Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
PolaritySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
We Happy FewSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ Starfighter™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
PixelJunk™ Shooter UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Super Galaxy Squadron EX TurboSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Mini NinjasSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Streets of Fury EXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD RemasterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battle BrothersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tom Clancy’s The Division™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Seasons after FallSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Angels Fall FirstSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
NBA 2K16Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Tales of SymphoniaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Portal KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Scrap MechanicSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Azure Striker GunvoltSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
PacerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Bulb BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
UndertaleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ENDLESS™ Space 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Deathstate: Abyssal EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
FlatOut 4: Total InsanitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
THE GAME OF LIFESteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Emily Wants To PlaySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Particle Fleet: EmergenceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Victoria IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Shakes and FidgetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mantis Burn Racing®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battle Chef Brigade DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Shadowverse CCGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® - Dark CrusadeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UNOSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
VERSUS SQUADSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Zero Escape: The Nonary GamesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Minion MastersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
WWE 2K17Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! - Full CourseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
F1™ 2017Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
My Summer CarSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SYNTHETIK: Legion RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Super Blood HockeySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Micro Machines World SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
GTTOD: Get To The Orange DoorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battlestar Galactica DeadlockSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SOULCALIBUR VISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
LoveKami -Divinity Stage-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SteamWorld Dig 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGESteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Evil Within 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
GreedFallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
StoneshardSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Clicker Heroes 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UNDYINGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Cooking SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Surge 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
WWE 2K18Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Doki Doki Literature Club!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
PUSS!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
TaleSpireSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ForagerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
ONE PIECE World SeekerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
War RobotsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Muse DashSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Unity of Command IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Idol ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
CryoFallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Circle EmpiresSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Phoenix Point: Year One EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Geometry Wars: Retro EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Arkham Horror: Mother's EmbraceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Honey, I Joined a CultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Creeper World 4Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Nova DriftSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Pummel PartySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
XCOM®: Chimera SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Snooker 19Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Spellcaster UniversitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mist SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
CARRIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Heavy RainSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Beyond: Two SoulsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
ProdeusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Later AlligatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
AutonautsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Spyro™ Reignited TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Alliance Alive HD RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
AO Tennis 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
A Total War Saga: TROYSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Down in BermudaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Aragami 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Hospital TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Gears TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
WE ARE FOOTBALLSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Corpse Party (2021)Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
DamnationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Ultimate Racing 2D 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
HaikiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
The Smurfs - Mission VileafSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Spaceflight SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Mass Effect (2007)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Zombie Panic! SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Wee Tanks!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Alice: Madness ReturnsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Company of Heroes: Tales of ValorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Call of Duty®: GhostsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Magrunner: Dark PulseSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Getting Over It with Bennett FoddySteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
State of DecaySteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
The Walking Dead: Season TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Halo: Spartan AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
TechnobabylonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
METAL SLUG XSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Strange BrigadeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
TharsisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
KalimbaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Axiom VergeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Talismania DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
VolumeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Cue Club 2: Pool & SnookerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
The Long Journey HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Kung Fury: Street RageSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
DiRT 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
One Piece Burning BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
God's TriggerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Police StoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Saints Row: The ThirdSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Generation Zero®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
NecrobaristaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICESteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
HellboundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Project WinterSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
JamestownSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
FlowerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Blade KittenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Utawarerumono: Mask of DeceptionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
WorldBox - God SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
When The Night ComesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
Crysis RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
Crash WheelsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
Surviving the AftermathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of MemoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
DreamscaperSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And DabsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Disciples: LiberationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Aerial_Knight's Never YieldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
COGEN: Sword of Rewind / COGEN: 大鳥こはくと刻の剣Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
---Red---Tether-->Steam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Tropico 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Mount Your FriendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Vox MachinaeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS RSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Left 4 DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
PikunikuSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Lonely Mountains: DownhillSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Metal Wolf Chaos XDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Steven Universe: Save the LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Cricket 19Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
DIRT 5Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
PineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Drift86Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Breath of Death VIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Kingdom Under Fire: The CrusadersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
zzzzzSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
MotoGP™20Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
PerfectLoverSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Fantasy Grounds UnitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Midnight Club 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Kandagawa Jet GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
SchwarzerblitzSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Sheltered 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Gal*Gun ReturnsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Gaia ProjectSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Blaster Master Zero 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
RPGolf LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Minecraft DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Mirror's Edge™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
AMNESIASteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Orcs Must Die! 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
TERA - Action MMORPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Rock of AgesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
DLC QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Starseed PilgrimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Thunder WolvesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Freedom FallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's RampageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dead EffectSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
GET EVENSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island: Complete SeasonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Puzzle AgentSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Back to the Future: The GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Squishy the Suicidal PigSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Halo: Spartan StrikeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
200% Mixed Juice!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Typer Shark! DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Shiness: The Lightning KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Contradiction - Spot The Liar!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
NECROPOLIS: BRUTAL EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
WWE 2K16Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Alpha RunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dead Effect 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Old School MusicalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
HobSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Golf With Your FriendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Speed BrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Ride 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Yomawari: Night AloneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dragon KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
THOTHSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Lucius IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious BookSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
AIRHEART - Tales of broken WingsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Rusty Lake: RootsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
ValfarisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dandara: Trials of Fear EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
The Escapists 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-teredSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
F1 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Assassin's Creed® OdysseySteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
The SurvivalistsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
F1® 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
SkateBIRDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Just Die AlreadySteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
When The Past Was AroundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Fights in Tight SpacesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
G.I. Joe: Operation BlackoutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Mini MetroSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
QuiplashSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
1993 Space MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Wuppo: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The GuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Tropico 6Steam Deck Playable2022-03-21Store Page
Railway EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-03-21Store Page
Mutant Football LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Hobo: Tough LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Bum SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
SuperliminalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Prototype 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Khimera: Puzzle IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Despot's Game: Dystopian Army BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Super Cable BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
Cats in TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
Zombie Driver HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
DYSMANTLESteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: IRON RAINSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Lair of the Clockwork GodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Biolab WarsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Orc MassageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Depraved AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mecha Knights: NightmareSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mad Experiments: Escape RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Slave Princess SarahSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Sea of SolitudeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound & DebriefedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Barro FSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Tanuki SunsetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Toodee and TopdeeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Progressbar95Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Pro Cycling Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Cozy GroveSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Waves of SteelSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
BloodwashSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Lust Theory - Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Snake PitSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Tall PoppySteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Tuition AcademiaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
America's Army: Proving GroundsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
DeadlightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
BrawlhallaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Dreaming SarahSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Bejeweled 2 DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Dynomite DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Peggle DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The Lottery TicketSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The Vegas HeistSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The New York FortuneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I. - Lost in Los AngelesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Fran BowSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Super Rude Bear ResurrectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
The Escapists: The Walking DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Aerofly FS 2 Flight SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
TUNICSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Warsim: The Realm of AslonaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Shenmue IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
eFootball PES 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
WRATH: Aeon of RuinSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Coloring GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Shadow Warrior 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Midnight in SalemSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
GOD WARS The Complete LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Dota UnderlordsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
That Flipping MountainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iXSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Fast and LowSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Founders' FortuneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
AHEGAL SEASONSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT ShoppeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 - The Crystal MenhirSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Captain is DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Urban CardsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
RISK: Global DominationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Brave Alchemist ColetteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Richman10Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Escape the AyuwokiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Re:Turn - One Way TripSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Alwa's LegacySteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Creepy TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The EscaperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
PicklockSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Song of IronSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Neighbours back From HellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Black Book: PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Jack Hayes: The Lazarus SignSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Sakura Knight 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Friendship with BenefitsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Eternal DreamersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Call of KarenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sakura Succubus 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Miracle SudokuSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Dodgeball AcademiaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Wordle 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Autumn and GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Chronicles Of Myrtana: ArcholosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Living together with Fox DemonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Soul Nomad & the World EatersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Creepy Tale 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Romance after darkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Chased by DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Lustful TribeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Darius Cozmic Collection ArcadeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
OccultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Bean and NothingnessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Ancient GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Crimzon Clover World EXplosionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror NightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Franchise Hockey Manager 8Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Sid Meier’s Ace PatrolSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Fantasy Grounds ClassicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
SOMASteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
RepubliqueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Iggle Pop DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
King's QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Outlast 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Samorost 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Grow UpSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Who's Your Daddy?!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Town of LightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Amnesia: The Dark DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Painscreek KillingsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
POSTAL 4: No RegertsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sabbat of the WitchSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sid Meier's Civilization® VSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
ReventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
F1® 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Yokai's SecretSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Silent SectorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The RewinderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Bunny ParkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Bang-On Balls: ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Mirror's Edge™ CatalystSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
迷雾之夏-The Vigilant VillaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Hit Zero: ChronosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
LumioneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
StrangelandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
The Legend of TiandingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
SPOOKWARESteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Nuclear BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Touhou Monster TD ~ 幻想乡妖怪塔防Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
LAST CLOUDIASteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
SudekiSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Project CARSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - UprisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Move or DieSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Zuma DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
DOOMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
PewDiePie: Legend of the BrofistSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
F1 2016Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Momodora: Reverie Under The MoonlightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Redeemer: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Xeno CrisisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Dear Esther: Landmark EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
The Next BIG ThingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Sands of AuraSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Trash SailorsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Seeds of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
King of SeasSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
WreckfestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
The Silent AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
Battlevoid: HarbingerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Psychonauts 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
Neon AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
WolfQuest: Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Elf Enchanter: Arousing AnimaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
GONNER2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
ShieldwallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
Alba: A Wildlife AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
GlitchpunkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
The RampSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Gunborg: Dark MattersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Mercenaries BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Creatures of AetherSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl FleetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sonic Lost WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
TacomaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
DoDonPachi ResurrectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sphinx and the Cursed MummySteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
BloodshoreSteam Deck Verified2022-03-14Store Page
La-Mulana 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-14Store Page
UnspottableSteam Deck Verified2022-03-13Store Page
InsomnisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Conan Chop ChopSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
BirdGutSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
RochardSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Main AssemblySteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link EvolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Card HogSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Happy GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
FeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
The ShoreSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Beyond Mankind: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
John Wick HexSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Song of FarcaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Your ChronicleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Forza Horizon 5Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
NejicomiSimulator Vol.1 (Gapping, Amputee sex slave, Petrify, Time Stop)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Adorable WitchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Suit for HireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
GROUND BRANCHSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Lands of EldynSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Subway MidnightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Hacker SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Walking DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
FTL: Faster Than LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
QUAKE IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
One Finger Death PunchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
The CouncilSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
#KILLALLZOMBIESSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Insaniquarium DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Pizza Frenzy DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Wizard's Pen™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Charlie MurderSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
StaxelSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
SubsistenceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
DARQ: Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
GTFOSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Turing TestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Next Day: SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Ion FurySteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Desperados IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Flight Control HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
HellpointSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Star ValorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
ValheimSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
LittlewoodSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
DiggermanSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Orcs Must Die!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Layers of Fear 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Aeon's EndSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Devolver BootlegSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Weird WestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Arietta of SpiritsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Arrest of a stone BuddhaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
The Magician's ResearchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Catlateral Damage: RemeowsteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
A Juggler's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Sentimental KSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Hats and Hand GrenadesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Super Mombo QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Sunday RivalsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Flewfie's AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Die After SunsetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Glitchhikers: The Spaces BetweenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Luna's Fishing GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Tested on Humans: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Between Time: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
LiberteSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
BunhouseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
TD WorldsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Have a Nice DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
BAD END THEATERSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Wars and RosesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Prince of Persia®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Kentucky Route Zero: PC EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Toybox TurbosSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
CrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Pure PoolSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Heavy Weapon DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
ClustertruckSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Mages of MystraliaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
SCP: Secret LaboratorySteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Hacker Evolution: UntoldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
HITMAN™ 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Interrogation: You will be deceivedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten KingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Ultra SavageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
WavesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
AmbrosiaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
VesselSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Yes, Your GraceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
ALTF4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
PawnbarianSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
BattletoadsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Button CitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
TOEMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Void TyrantSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
WordleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Scars of SummerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Turing CompleteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
WanderLustSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
My Singing Monsters PlaygroundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Trials Fusion™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Q.U.B.E. 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
ExanimaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
LooterkingsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
LEGO® MARVEL's AvengersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
SplitgateSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
DiRT Rally 2.0Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
DOOM EternalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
KUNAISteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Tools Up!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Touhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth R-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Totally Reliable Delivery ServiceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Prototype™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
TASOMACHI: Behind the TwilightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Dark BestiarySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
MetamorphosisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
PupperazziSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Lofi Ping PongSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Blaster Master Zero 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hentai Mosaique Vip RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
ScourgeBringerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Startup PanicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Minute of IslandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Little Witch NobetaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
A Monster's ExpeditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Inspector WafflesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Langrisser I & IISteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Dragon Star VarnirSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
VaneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SeenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Beat BlastSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Himno - The Silent MelodySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
DepixtionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Stranger Things 3: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
3000th DuelSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLESteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
FlorenceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Word GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Evan's RemainsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Shady Part of MeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hunting Simulator 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Dragon Marked For DeathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Utawarerumono: Mask of TruthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Siege Survival: Gloria VictisSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Apex Legends™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Say No! MoreSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Rubber BanditsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
AgelessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
NEOMORPHSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
ManhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Death end re;Quest 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rise of the ArgonautsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Overlord IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Hylics 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crash The CoreSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
SaGa Frontier RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
GetsuFumaDen: Undying MoonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Aokana - EXTRA1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SAMURAI SHODOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Fetish Locator Week OneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
ANNO: MutationemSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry TwiceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Time Break ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Next Space RebelsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
LOST EPICSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The PathlessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Touhou Mystia's IzakayaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Bro FallsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crysis Warhead®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Bound by LoveSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
TechnoMagicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SEX with HITLERSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rayman® OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Magic 2014 — Duels of the PlaneswalkersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Fieldrunners 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
McPixelSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Alien Breed: ImpactSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Escape Dead IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Castle of IllusionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Mars: War LogsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Last Remnant™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
DivekickSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
OvergrowthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Super Amazing Wagon AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Valdis Story: Abyssal CitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Double Dragon: NeonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Lili: Child of Geos - Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crayon Physics DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
BardbarianSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITIONSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROESSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
TransformiceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Escape Rosecliff IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hamilton's Great AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
I am SetsunaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Transport FeverSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
LostWindsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
PAC-MAN 256Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Omensight: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the DuelistSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Vision of Aurora BorealisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Sakura NovaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Disney Infinity 2.0: Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Disney Infinity 3.0: Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Cows Are WatchingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Shadows: AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Sine Mora EXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Infinite Adventures®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
D&D Lords of WaterdeepSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Tribal WarsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SAS: Zombie Assault 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - EarthbloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Nowhere ProphetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Idle BouncerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rise of the Third PowerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Crazy TaxiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
PooSkySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
EXAPUNKSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
KIDSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
killer7Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Total War: ROME REMASTEREDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
RelictaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
One Finger Death Punch 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Tiny SnowSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Contra Anniversary CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
DATE A LIVE: Rio ReincarnationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret HideoutSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Morbid: The Seven AcolytesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
SLUDGE LIFESteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
9th Dawn IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Cockwork Industries CompleteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Classic SudokuSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Yuki Onna | 雪女Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret FairySteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Need for Speed™ RivalsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 4Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson RealmSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
cyberpunkdreamsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
R-Type Final 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Golf Club WastelandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
超级捕鱼Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Red Faction Guerrilla Steam EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons Online®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
BotaniculaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Blades of TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
PidSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
PAYDAY™ The HeistSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
BloodRayne Betrayal (Legacy)Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Tales from the BorderlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Bejeweled DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Dead Island: Riptide Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Metro ExodusSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
ArtifactSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
RavenfieldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Nurse Love SyndromeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Nigate TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
OUTBUDDIES DXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Tesla ForceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
I Saw Black CloudsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Night BookSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Tower Ball - Incremental Tower DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
DG2: Defense Grid 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
The HexSteam Deck Playable2022-03-07Store Page
STEINS;GATE ELITESteam Deck Playable2022-03-07Store Page
Siralim UltimateSteam Deck Playable2022-03-06Store Page
Lost RuinsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
Twin MirrorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
OutlastSteam Deck Playable2022-03-06Store Page
West of LoathingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
The Spiral ScoutsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
The TenantsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Wanba WarriorsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Ultimate Admiral: DreadnoughtsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Baldur's Gate 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Cyberpunk 2077Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Red Wings: Aces of the SkySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Samurai Jack: Battle Through TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
TeardownSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Urtuk: The DesolationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Pumpkin JackSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Shantae and the Seven SirensSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Spirit IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Jerez's ArenaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Cats Organized NeatlySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Ocean's HeartSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Kathy Rain: Director's CutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Dogs Organized NeatlySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
EdgeOfTheAbyssAwakenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
PowerSlave ExhumedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Brutal OrchestraSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Mystery of Fortune 2 RefineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Guacamelee! Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Gone HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
SPORE™ Galactic AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Craft The WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
BroforceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Pixel Puzzles: JapanSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Zombie Army TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Software Inc.Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Dead Island Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
KabounceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Mansions of MadnessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Runner3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
You Have 10 Seconds 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Bomber CrewSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Little Big WorkshopSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
CHRONO TRIGGER®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Beat Hazard 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
TannenbergSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
ChilloutVRSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Bus Simulator 21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
嗜血印 Bloody SpellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
StrugglingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
BastionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
RatropolisSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the FallenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Spirit of the NorthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Necromunda: Hired GunSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Moonglow BaySteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINASteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand PrixSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Age of Empires IVSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
FIFA 22Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
FAR: Changing TidesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
JiuTian Idle RPGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
F.E.A.R.Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Mass Effect 2 (2010)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Icewind Dale: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
KeeperRLSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising StormSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
InfernaxSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
ABZUSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Osiris: New DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Day of InfamySteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® WildlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
METAL GEAR SURVIVESteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Quake ChampionsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Bean BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Session: Skate SimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Fabulous - Angela's True ColorsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Wizard And Minion IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
60 Seconds! ReatomizedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Dandy AceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Trials of FireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
PixelJunk™ EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Garden StorySteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Neon BeatsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
ClassiCubeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Hentai Pussy 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Cthulhu Saves the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Alan WakeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Sea of ThievesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Poker ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Inertial DriftSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BlightboundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Skeletal AvengerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Five DatesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Tiny LandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
The Dungeon BeneathSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Mud and BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
SPACE / MECH / PILOTSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Reverie Knights TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
HoaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BUSTAFELLOWSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Chasing Tails ~A Promise in the Snow~Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Dead SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Alan Wake's American NightmareSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Octodad: Dadliest CatchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
PixelJunk™ Nom Nom GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Rush Bros.Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
How to SurviveSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BrawloutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
LEGO® The Hobbit™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
GNOGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Broken Sword: Director's CutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
RicochetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
FoundationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Heaven's VaultSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
7 Billion HumansSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Hypnospace OutlawSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Steel Division 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
ForegoneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
SnakeybusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Letters - a written adventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
9-nine-:Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Nightmare ReaperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
GENSOU SkydriftSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Ultimate Admiral: Age of SailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Grow DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Crysis 2 - Maximum EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Hazumi and the PregnationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Doomsday HuntersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Chaos GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
There Is No Game: Wrong DimensionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Watcher ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
b 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Dealer's Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
METALLIC CHILDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
CONNECTED!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Lily's WellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Devil SpireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Serious Sam 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
StarboundSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Stronghold Crusader 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Poker Night 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Final Fantasy III (3D Remake)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's WrathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
BELOWSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Lovers in a Dangerous SpacetimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
IkarugaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Neighbours from Hell CompilationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Even the OceanSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
LYNESteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
DepthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 OnikakushiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Farming Simulator 15Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold PackSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Rise to RuinsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
SpyPartySteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
DownwellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
RPG Maker MVSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Human Resource MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
CrashlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Rabi-RibiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Purino PartySteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong SolitaireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
A Robot Named Fight!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Pogostuck: Rage With Your FriendsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Path to MnemosyneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
FreewaysSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Booty CallsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Factory TownSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
THE LONGINGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Summer PocketsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
VolcanoidsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Astrox ImperiumSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Streets of Rage 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: GenerationsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
Sacred 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Don't Starve TogetherSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Caves of QudSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
Flashing Lights - Police, Firefighting, Emergency Services SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
PacifySteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Sniper Ghost Warrior ContractsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
The AscentSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
The Suicide of Rachel FosterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
DredgersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Kraken Academy!!Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
OlliOlli WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
UnMetalSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
I Am FishSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Logic LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Dragon Age: OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Intralism: RebuildSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Aperture Desk JobSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Jet Set RadioSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Age of Empires II (2013)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Broken AgeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
KenshiSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
TransistorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Counter-Strike: SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
RUNNING WITH RIFLESSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
No Man's SkySteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Super Mega Baseball: Extra InningsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Crossing SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Lost CoastSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Western PressSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Episode OneSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
RefunctSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Super Mega Baseball 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Alien Swarm: Reactive DropSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
MOTHERGUNSHIPSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Assassin's Creed® OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Startup CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Yakuza 0Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Donut CountySteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
SuperflightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Genesis NoirSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
BioShock™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
NBA 2K19Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
KungFu KickballSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Freedom FingerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Game of Thrones Winter is ComingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Monster Prom 2: Monster CampSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
ELDEN RINGSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Need for Speed™ Most WantedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Tails of IronSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Old School RuneScapeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Claire's Quest: GOLDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
DorfromantikSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
BirdSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Chair SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Binary DomainSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 5-7Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
The WitnessSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Rayman® LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Vertiginous GolfSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Half-Life 2: UpdateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
FlatOut 2™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
The Long DarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
ObductionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Zero Escape: Zero Time DilemmaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Rain WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
The Church in the Darkness ™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Shift HappensSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Super Mutant Alien AssaultSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Tank Mechanic SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Praey for the GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
GOAT OF DUTYSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Think of the ChildrenSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
MindSeizeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Life is Strange: True ColorsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Bloons Adventure Time TDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Football Manager 2020 TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eldest SoulsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
GhostrunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Crusader Kings IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New ChampionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
TownscaperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Quickie: A Love Hotel StorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Defend the RookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milkSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Contraption MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
InfinifactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Youtubers LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™Tetris®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Door Kickers: Action SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: HELP WANTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eternal ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ATOM RPG TrudogradSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
觅长生Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Nexomon: ExtinctionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
NBA 2K21Steam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Knockout City™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mass Effect™ Legendary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Blade AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
WartalesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Last Stand Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Wrestling EmpireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Super Auto PetsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
BitburnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
DCS World Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
UnEpicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
FATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Goat SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
King's Bounty: Dark SideSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Pillars of EternitySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Call of Duty®: Infinite WarfareSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Alien Shooter 2: ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ARK: Survival EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Yooka-LayleeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Fallout 4Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Time ClickersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
AdventureQuest 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
This Is the PoliceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
JalopySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
SatisfactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Little Busters! English EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Men of War: Assault SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Sanator: Scarlet ScarfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
The Ultimatest BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Monster PromSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of TaiwuSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Spiral ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Expeditions: RomeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
War SelectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Astalon: Tears of the EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Before Your EyesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow TorchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Grapple DogSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
5D Chess With Multiverse Time TravelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
World of TanksSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Space Travel IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Recipe for DisasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Incremental Epic HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Underworld IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Vivid KnightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Infinity KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade GayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
I'm on Observation Duty 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Pet idleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Realm of the Mad God ExaltSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
King's Bounty: Warriors of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Worms ArmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
AntichamberSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Kerbal Space ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little InfernoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
FEZSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Galactic Civilizations IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Murdered: Soul SuspectSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
SpelunkySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
PixelJunk™ Monsters UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
realMyst: Masterpiece EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Legend of Grimrock 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Death Road to CanadaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hyper Light DrifterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hero SiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Quake Live™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark OutsideSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
We Need To Go DeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
DiRT RallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura AngelsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Victor Vran ARPGSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Trine Enchanted EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Horizon Chase TurboSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
ELEXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Stories of Bethem: Full MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little NightmaresSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Team Fortress 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Ara Fell: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
OvercookedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Battle Chasers: NightwarSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Hand of Fate 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Darksiders Warmastered EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Nine ParchmentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BeholderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
MX vs ATV All OutSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dota 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Killer InstinctSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Punch Planet - Early AccessSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Production Line : Car factory simulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BIOMUTANTSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
MashinkySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Train Valley 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
TangledeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
VVVVVVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the FaithSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BreathedgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Red Solstice 2: SurvivorsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Destroy All Humans!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
SNKRXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
PUSSYSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Gordian QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Lazy GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-21Store Page
Age of History IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-19Store Page
CloudpunkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-19Store Page
Partisans 1941Steam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Wrestledunk SportsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Big Farm StorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Mon BazouSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
NBA 2K22Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Alien: IsolationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
A Story About My UncleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Super Meat BoySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
MagickaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Sonic ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Trackmania United ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the DarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
RuneScape ®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
It Takes Two Friend's PassSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Shadow WarriorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Fable AnniversarySteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SteamWorld HeistSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Lethal League BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management SimulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
A Plague Tale: InnocenceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Control Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Skater XL - The Ultimate Skateboarding GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - RehydratedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Blacksad: Under the SkinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - ProphecySteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Internet Cafe SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Command & Conquer™ Remastered CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Cartel TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Buddy Simulator 1984Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
VoidigoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
CraftopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
AragamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
UnturnedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
ChasmSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Shadow Warrior 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Kingdom: ClassicSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
MegaquariumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
WargrooveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
My Time At PortiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Bridge Constructor PortalSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Glass Masquerade 2: IllusionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Ultimate Fishing Simulator VRSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
This Land Is My LandSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TOHUSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RoguebookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mini MotorwaysSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
OMORISteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Slapshot: ReboundSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ICBMSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
NexomonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
MoncageSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Mist LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Castle in The Clouds DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3: Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
OpenTTDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
HITMAN 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Worms RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dungeon of the ENDLESS™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Oozi: Earth AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Secrets of GrindeaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mordheim: City of the DamnedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
The Banner Saga 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cat Goes FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Peggle™ NightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® SyndicateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Anno 2205™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TorchlightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
FuriSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VampyrSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Pinball FX3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Bloons TD BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Wizard of LegendSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VanquishSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Rome: Total War™ - CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cold WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dead Rising 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Them's Fightin' HerdsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Low Magic AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ParkasaurusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Carcassonne - Tiles & TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
House FlipperSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RaftSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
No Longer HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Planet ZooSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Animal Super SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Chinese ParentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
AtomicropsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dragon CliffSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Mars HorizonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
BlasphemousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
This Is the Police 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Monster SanctuarySteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Iron HarvestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Garden PawsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Super Animal RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Crying SunsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
GOD EATER 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® III RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Final UpgradeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Amazing Cultivation SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
SUCCUBUSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Fae TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
BeaconSteam Deck Verified2022-02-13Store Page
EpidoSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
River City GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
TimberbornSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
RökiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Before We LeaveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
CosmicBreak UniversalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Midnight ProtocolSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
SuzerainSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
EverhoodSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Escape Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
The Room 4: Old SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
A traveler's photo albumSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Strange HorticultureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Ghost Exorcism INC.Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Defense Grid: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCHSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAINSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Valkyria Chronicles™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Yoku's Island ExpressSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
MushihimesamaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Disgaea 2 PCSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
DragoniaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
60 Parsecs!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
AshenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
GRISSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Between the StarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Dicey DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Starcom: NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Rogue Fable IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Fantasy BlacksmithSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
PictoQuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Long DriveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Serin FateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
MO:AstraySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Windjammers 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
As Far As The EyeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sayonara Wild HeartsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Farm Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Grim ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Wonderful 101: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Until We DieSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Life is Strange RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dark DeitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
NGU INDUSTRIESSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
WARNOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Tap Wizard 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Call of Juarez: GunslingerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
DmC: Devil May CrySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
EvolandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Banner SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
System Shock 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Styx: Master of ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Cities: SkylinesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
XCOM® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy'sSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Everyday Genius: SquareLogicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Popup DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Jurassic WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Evoland 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Sakura ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
TSIOQUESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Twilight StruggleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
STEINS;GATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World TourSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Crush CrushSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Pathfinder AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
What Remains of Edith FinchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV STEAM EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
HUNTDOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Thief SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sonic Generations CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ELDERBORNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
LET IT DIESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv (マブラヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv Alternative (マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Shining Resonance RefrainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Last EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Fox Hime ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Project WarlockSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Heave HoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Among UsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Soda Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Journey To The Savage PlanetSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Spiral KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ChernobyliteSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Element TD 2 - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Mafia II: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ISLANDERSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Jump KingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
UNSIGHTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poly Bridge 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automobilista 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bug Fables: The Everlasting SaplingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza 3 RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GemCraft - Frostborn WrathSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Hentai Bad GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automation EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HUMANKIND™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ready or NotSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gas Station SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ChorusSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
CartoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight Pocket DungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza: Like a DragonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
AI*Shoujo/AI*少女Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Library Of RuinaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shop TitansSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RIDE 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD Battles 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Super Monkey Ball Banana ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Kitaria FablesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Sakuna: Of Rice and RuinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Nobody Saves the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SnowRunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
MuckSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari - Love For HireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Left to Survive: Shooter PVPSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
战地指挥官/BattleboomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Treasure of NadiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Babble RoyaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Vampire SurvivorsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PAYDAY 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grim DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 3: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
DOOM IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Killing Floor 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
TrackMania² StadiumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Dying LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Crew™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
SNOW - The Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Marvel™ Super HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight: Treasure TroveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of Maj'EyalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ori and the Blind ForestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The LEGO® Movie - VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Edge Of EternitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grand Theft Auto VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gang BeastsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pit People®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ryse: Son of RomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Enter the GungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poker Night at the InventorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
State of Decay: YOSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party PackSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Mad Games TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
TY the Tasmanian TigerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Slime RancherSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Drawful 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PreySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MMORPG Tycoon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
City Car DrivingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HYPERCHARGE: UnboxedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
art of rallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Sexy BrutaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
My Friend PedroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fire Pro Wrestling WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Okami HDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Total War: WARHAMMER IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Slasher's KeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Devil May Cry 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GriftlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
CarX Drift Racing OnlineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Stick Fight: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MudRunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Trine 4: The Nightmare PrinceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GRIDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Overcooked! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of AriseSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Digital Edition of LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DungreedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
FIGHT KNIGHTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
WWE 2K19Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® DC Super-VillainsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza KiwamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Untitled Goose GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Subnautica: Below ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor MultiplayerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Super Robot Wars 30Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza Kiwami 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MinoriaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Project CARS 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 6Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Spiritfarer®: Farewell EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never EndsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HavenSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
古剑奇谭三(Gujian3)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ring of PainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Amnesia: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Garfield Kart - Furious RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Just Cause™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Cat QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Darksiders GenesisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Cat Quest IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Fireworks Mania - An Explosive SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
The FalconeerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
UnpackingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Demon TurfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Life is Strange: Before the StormSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
Evil Genius 2: World DominationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Tomb Raider: AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
NidhoggSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIII - REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
IntravenousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 6Steam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Luck be a LandlordSteam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Master RebootSteam Deck Playable2022-02-06Store Page
Paradise KillerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
ISEKAI QUESTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
Curse of the Dead GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Cyber HookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
NIMBY RailsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Heavenly BodiesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
DAEMON X MACHINASteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Boomerang XSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Metal UnitSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IIISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IVSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 7Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Blue FireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Madden NFL 21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Loop HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Shadow Man RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Dead EstateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Aeterna NoctisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Orcs Must Die! 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Supraland Six Inches UnderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Seed of the Dead: Sweet HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Idle WastelandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SprocketSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
RAILROADS Online!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
SpeedRunnersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Sonic Adventure 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Nuclear ThroneSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
7 Days to DieSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Darkest Dungeon®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Offworld Trading CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
StellarisSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
INSIDESteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SUPERHOTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Regency SolitaireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BaronySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Football, Tactics & GlorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
HELLDIVERS™ Dive Harder EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Spelunky 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
CaveblazersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Ultimate Fishing SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Genital JoustingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Human: Fall FlatSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Planet CoasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Just Cause 4 ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Redout: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Super Meat Boy ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
KingswaySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Realm GrinderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Disco Elysium - The Final CutSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Drug Dealer SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't DrySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Bejeweled® 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WHAT THE GOLF?Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SupaplexSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Katamari Damacy REROLLSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Football Manager 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WORLD OF HORRORSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hentai Girl HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Mortal ShellSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Potion Craft: Alchemist SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-03Store Page
Tricky TowersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Pathologic 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PGA TOUR 2K21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
F1® 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Black BookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
NGU IDLESteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Bully: Scholarship EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DEATHLOOPSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
tModLoaderSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
IdleOn - The Idle MMOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
God of WarSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
World Nations GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider IV: The Last RevelationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
HITMAN™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Sniper Elite 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BattleBlock Theater®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Path of ExileSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Rocket League®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
The Evil WithinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
American Truck SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BeamNG.driveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™ - The Complete SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tales of ZestiriaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Garfield KartSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The SurgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PsychonautsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Empyrion - Galactic SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FirewatchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Darksiders II Deathinitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Hearts of Iron IVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The Room ThreeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BayonettaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Quantum BreakSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Two Point HospitalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Deep Rock GalacticSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DARK SOULS™: REMASTEREDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Monster Hunter: WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Fallout ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Dead CellsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Return of the Obra DinnSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
UnderMineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Airport CEOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Farm TogetherSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider: LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
A Dance of Fire and IceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
West of DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon RoarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Travellers RestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Behind the Frame: The Finest ScenerySteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 0Steam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Business Tour - Board Game with Online MultiplayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Deus Ex: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Fell Seal: Arbiter's MarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA ExtraSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Happy's Humble Burger FarmSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Graveyard KeeperSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Hellish QuartSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...Steam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
The Life and Suffering of Sir BranteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
PowerWash SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Sam & Max Save the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 8Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Paint the Town RedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
MADNESS: Project NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
WytchwoodSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Baba Is YouSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Daymare: 1998Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
RoundguardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Death TrashSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
GRIMESteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Life is Strange 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
LIMBOSteam Deck Verified2022-01-26Store Page
A Short HikeSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
TerrariaSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
The Henry Stickmin CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
ULTRAKILLSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Hotline MiamiSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Half-Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Euro Truck Simulator 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
A Hat in TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
The Witcher® 3: Wild HuntSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
PortalSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Stardew ValleySteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Katana ZEROSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Left 4 Dead 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Slay the SpireSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Rhythm DoctorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Resident Evil 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Tetris® Effect: ConnectedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
InscryptionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Circuit SuperstarsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Twelve MinutesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
HadesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FINAL FANTASYSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DEATH STRANDINGSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Gunfire RebornSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Need for Speed™ HeatSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
A Way OutSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Titanfall® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dead Space™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield VSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 1 ™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 4™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rogue Legacy 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dyson Sphere ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
WebbedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Swords of Legends OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
It Takes TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
BRAVELY DEFAULT IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Cookie ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Lost in Random™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Madden NFL 22Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Aliens: Fireteam EliteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Tomb RaiderSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Castle Crashers®Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Mad MaxSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Crypt of the NecroDancerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SubnauticaSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
CupheadSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RimWorldSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First SinSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Hollow KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ IIISteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SEASON OF MYSTERY: The Cherry Blossom MurdersSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rise of the Tomb Raider™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FactorioSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
APE OUTSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Manifold GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
CelesteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NieR:Automata™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Guacamelee! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Stormworks: Build and RescueSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Into the BreachSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Remnant: From the AshesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Portal 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Risk of Rain 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Wasteland 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RADSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SableSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
The MessengerSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SCARLET NEXUSSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Farming Simulator 19Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Tribes of MidgardSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NoitaSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
TuncheSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Death's DoorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Among TreesSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
EastwardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Super Mega Baseball 3Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page


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