3200 Games On The Steam Deck with Ender Lilies and Divinity Original Sin 2 as Verified

The past week has been fairly slow in additions of verified/playable games for the Steam Deck, following the previous 3100 games milestone. There are now more than 3200 games validated (3222 games to be precise at the time of publication) on the Steam Deck – in two categories:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 1623 titles
  • Steam Deck Playable: 1599 titles

Total: 3222 titles

You can see the ongoing progression on this chart:

3200 games on the Steam Deck playable and verified

And here is the daily increase of new titles over time – you can clearly see the rate of new games addition being lower in these past few days vs last week, for example.

With the latest recent additions the average goes down to 26.2 (from 26.9) new validated titles added on a daily basis.

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Let’s see a few titles that have been added lately:

Ender Lilies, a solid 2D action game

As Verified:

As Playable:

Project Diva with Hatsune Miku for music/rhythm games fans
  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+
  • Audiosurf 2
  • Bloody Rally Show

You can also find the exhaustive list, until now, below, with a search feature as well:

TitleRatingDateStore Link
Fear & HungerSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
7 Sexy SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
OrangebloodSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Space Pirates and ZombiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Last StopSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PBA Pro BowlingSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Cannibal CuisineSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Customer Cums First!Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Seek Girl:Fog ⅠSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
PeglinSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
shapezSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
StarsandSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
DUSK '82: ULTIMATE EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. CreadSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
My New MemoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Red Wings: American AcesSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Super HexagonSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
No More Room in HellSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
10,000,000Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Audiosurf 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Skullgirls 2nd EncoreSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The Typing of The Dead: OverkillSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
BraidSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
ArmelloSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
MonumentSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Crush Your EnemiesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
True Lover's KnotSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Diluvion: ResubmergedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
DisintegrationSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
MageQuitSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: MechanicusSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
Metro Sim HustleSteam Deck Playable2022-06-04Store Page
Project DownfallSteam Deck Verified2022-06-04Store Page
The ExpendabrosSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
CAT InterstellarSteam Deck Playable2022-06-03Store Page
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Oxygen Not IncludedSteam Deck Verified2022-06-03Store Page
Sacred Sword PrincessesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 3Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Skellboy RefracturedSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Heavy Metal BabesSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Blacksmith of the Sand KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Sugar * StyleSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Nomad SurvivalSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Subject 13Steam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Templar BattleforceSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
SolitairicaSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Make It Rain: Love of MoneySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
Rise of InsanitySteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
HARDCORE MECHASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
CINERIS SOMNIASteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Hentai GirlSteam Deck Verified2022-06-02Store Page
FIA European Truck Racing ChampionshipSteam Deck Playable2022-06-02Store Page
Lazy Galaxy 2Steam Deck Playable2022-06-01Store Page
Snakebird PrimerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Deck of AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Evoland Legendary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Croixleur Sigma - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Shovel Knight ShowdownSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
UNDEFEATEDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Hero's SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
PaperballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Dungeon and PuzzlesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Fear TherapySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
The Journey Down: Chapter TwoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Unlimited EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
The Dark Stone from MebaraSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Pony IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'emSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Evil DefendersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Armored WarfareSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Quest HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Heroine Anthem Zero -Sacrifice-Steam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Trapland 2: CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TrailmakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
TT Isle of Man Ride on the EdgeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Fall of Light: Darkest EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Swords and Soldiers HDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
ZeroRangerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Out of Reach: Treasure RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Rally ShowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
Silver ChainsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-31Store Page
LightseekersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-31Store Page
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-30Store Page
You Can Kana - Learn Japanese Hiragana & KatakanaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Spirits AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Aquarium DesignerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Beneath a Steel SkySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Plunder PanicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01Steam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Ashes of Immortality IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
CLANNAD Side StoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
DEMON'S TILTSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Sundered®: Eldritch EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Maid MansionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Duke Nukem ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
The End Is NighSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
FlatOutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Rogue CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Infected ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
LoveChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-29Store Page
Far Cry® New DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
DJMAX RESPECT VSteam Deck Playable2022-05-29Store Page
Wet GirlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
ShippedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Spark the Electric Jester 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TOUHOU SKY ARENA MATSURI CLIMAXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th GuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Pile Up! Box by BoxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Twists of My LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Kyle is Famous: Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Chrono ArkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
TaniNaniSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Touhou Endless DreamSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Succubus CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
OnlyFuck - RuRu's AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Citizen SleeperSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
GoBlasterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Hitman: Absolution™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
STRIDER™ / ストライダー飛竜®Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
NOT A HEROSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Putt-Putt® Joins the ParadeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
MDKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Risen 2: Dark WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Samorost 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
AdVenture CommunistSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Quell ZenSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Monster SlayersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Rosenkreuzstilette FreudenstachelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale SeriesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Drunk-Fu: Wasted MastersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Darkness IISteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
DraugenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
The Awesome Adventures of Captain SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-05-27Store Page
Freedom Force vs. the Third ReichSteam Deck Playable2022-05-27Store Page
Vision Soft ResetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Speed LimitSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
The Ambassador: Fractured TimelinesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Breach WanderersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
SonoritySteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Cube Racer 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Operation Airsoft BetaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Livestream: Escape from Hotel IzanamiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
CreaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kathy RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Through Abandoned: The Underground CitySteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Bit Blaster XLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-26Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
WildermythSteam Deck Playable2022-05-26Store Page
Kawaii Deathu DesuSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Pixel Puzzle Makeout LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
Coloring Game 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
AnuchardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idle Monster TD: EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Game Dev TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Grey GooSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Blast-offSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Idling to Rule the GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Farm Manager 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Aim HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Pure Farming 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
MirrorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Hitman: Blood MoneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Cultist SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
Juicy RealmSteam Deck Verified2022-05-25Store Page
HELLGATE: LondonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-25Store Page
The ComplexSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion KingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked WoodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Pretty AngelSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Sakura Gamer 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil VillageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTESteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Idle SlayerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XVSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's ChoiceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Deepest SwordSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST PLANET® 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
PULSAR: Lost ColonySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Resident Evil 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Serious Sam 4Steam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
REVOLVER360 RE:ACTORSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
DeathsmilesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Mega Man Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
htoL#NiQ: The Firefly DiarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
X4: FoundationsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Hyperdrive MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
LOST SPHEARSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
A Rose in the TwilightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
World War Z: AftermathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
TemtemSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Plane Mechanic SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-24Store Page
Prison SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-24Store Page
Overcooked! All You Can EatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
One Hand ClappingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-23Store Page
Esports Life TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-23Store Page
Songbird SymphonySteam Deck Verified2022-05-22Store Page
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's RevengeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
YngletSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Citizens of SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
VirtuaVerseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Shank 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Chromosome EvilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
New Super Lucky's TaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
DeleveledSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
StelaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Murder HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Kindergarten 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Meteorfall: Krumit's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
198XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. DRILLER DrillLandSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Iris and the GiantSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
The Academy: The First RiddleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Fox AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon walled citySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Mr. Hopp's PlayhouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Ashmedai: Queen of LustSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
IwaihimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Red Dead OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Magical Waifus AcademySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Perfect Heist 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Sakura Forest GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
卡牌缔造者-CardMakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
tERRORbaneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
MotoGP™22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Treasure TemplesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dark Eye: Chains of SatinavSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
WaveformSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Danmaku Unlimited 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Heavy Metal MachinesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Halcyon 6: Starbase CommanderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Insanity ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Junk JackSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Tempest: Pirate Action RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Dad QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Cube RunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
The Dig®Steam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
AFTERGRINDERSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Broken RealitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Void BastardsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
POLYBIUSSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Second ChanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
Lost in VivoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-21Store Page
Terrible LaboratorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-21Store Page
What The ForkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Drink More GlurpSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
New WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Beyond a Steel SkySteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Door in the WoodsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Radical Rabbit StewSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
LabyrinthineSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Iragon: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Arx FatalisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Far Cry® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Super Trench Attack!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Duck GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
The DwarvesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Dead Space™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Sneak ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Pretty Girls Panic!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
FAR: Lone SailsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
while True: learn()Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Play With Me: Escape roomSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fission Superstar XSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Outward Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
STAR WARS™ Episode I RacerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
Fishing Sim World®: Pro TourSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
CRSED: F.O.A.D.Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Train Station RenovationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
SanctumSteam Deck Playable2022-05-20Store Page
LOVE³ -Love Cube-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed IslandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-20Store Page
Gladiator Guild ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Erannorth RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Dream CycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Eonica Chess BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
WishSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Coloring Game 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TaurSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Queen's GlorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
TasteMakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
[TDA00] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 00 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Ignited Steel: Mech TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Midnight DriverSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Noob - Les Sans-FactionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Christmas MassacreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Samurai BringerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
GatewaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Penumbra OvertureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Castle In The DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BlockstormSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
RADical ROACH RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
The BallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ThumperSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
World to the WestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Alone in the Dark 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
ECHOSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
BarotraumaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
THE LAST BLADE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Lucy Got ProblemsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Idle Kingdom BuilderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-19Store Page
Godfall Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-19Store Page
CrumbleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Dark LightSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Sky CannoneerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Catgirl & Doggirl CafeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
KingSimSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Vampire's Fall: OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Danger ScavengerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
港詭實錄ParanormalHKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fleeting IrisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dice LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Escape DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Third CrisisSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
STRIKERS 1945Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Black Geyser: Couriers of DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chevalier HistorieSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
YUMESteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Märchen ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Plague BreakerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
The Shadow of YidhraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Pixel Cup Soccer - Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
H-Isekai LovesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
JIJImago(old & young)RPGminiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Out of the Park Baseball 23Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chasing SunsetsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Renryuu: AscensionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
Downfall - A Slay the Spire Fan ExpansionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iron Sky: InvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Full Mojo RampageSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assault Android Cactus+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-18Store Page
NihilumbraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Breach & ClearSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Far Cry® 4Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Oscura: Lost LightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Disney's Chicken LittleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: ChinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Cursed SightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Slain: Back from HellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Chicken Invaders 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Epistory - Typing ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
DownwardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Long Gone DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey / フィリスのアトリエ ~不思議な旅の錬金術士~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dying Light 2 Stay HumanSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dino Dini's Kick Off™ Revival - Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
古剑奇谭(GuJian)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
King's Bounty: CrossworldsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Total Tank SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
State of War : Warmonger / 蓝色警戒 (Classic 2000)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Season's BeatingsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dungeon MunchiesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Terraforming MarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Bane of AsphodelSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Touhou: Scarlet CuriositySteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Fate SeekerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Iris.FallSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Dreamwalker: Never Fall AsleepSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA SIN VIERSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
Strategic Mind: The PacificSteam Deck Playable2022-05-18Store Page
RB: AxolotlSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
FilamentSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Murder by NumbersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Steamy SextetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VoxelgramSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
AshenForestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
VecterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Sex with the DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tavern of GodsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Dungeon OverseerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Tame It!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
九州战歌Steam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
DuckTales: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-17Store Page
Day of DefeatSteam Deck Playable2022-05-17Store Page
Medieval DynastySteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
STAR WARS™: SquadronsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
FALL IN LABYRINTHSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
疯狂炮炮捕鱼Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Eggcelerate!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Beatbuddy: Tale of the GuardiansSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
Risk of RainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
F1 2015Steam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black OpsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Project RhombusSteam Deck Verified2022-05-16Store Page
The Beast InsideSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
SpaceChemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-16Store Page
Cavity BustersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Jitsu SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-05-15Store Page
Hitchhiker - A Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
DemonizerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WitchcraftySteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Heroes Of Maidan 3: Crimean BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
The Catch: Carp & Coarse FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Ghostbusters: The Video Game RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Waifu Discovered 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Witch 2 Hell AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Karryn's PrisonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
Avernum: Escape From the PitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rogue WarriorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
AnachronoxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Blood KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
MX vs. ATV Supercross EncoreSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
House of the Dying SunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
WindscapeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
DUCATI - 90th AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Crypt of the Serpent KingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
8-Bit Invaders!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Son of a WitchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Panty PartySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Void MemorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
We. The RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Black Future '88Steam Deck Verified2022-05-14Store Page
PaunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
CONCLUSESteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Rise of CrustaceansSteam Deck Playable2022-05-14Store Page
Torchlight IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VASARA CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam Double D XXLSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
Star FetchersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Project RebornSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Blue ShiftSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
PengoRoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Viticulture Essential EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
KisekimuraSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Who's Lila?Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
The ForgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
FURRY SEX: Cabaret 💋🔞Steam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
PROJECT: HalloweenSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
You Will (Not) RemainSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serena: Dark confessionsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Knightfall: A Daring JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
LocoCycleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Retro Game CrunchSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
VaganteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
EmberSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Armed with Wings: RearmedSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Zero Punctuation: Hatfall - Hatters Gonna Hat EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
12 is Better Than 6Steam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
DashBoredSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Half-Life: Opposing ForceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
New York Mysteries: The Lantern of SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Please, Don't Touch Anything 3DSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
MinimalismSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Healer's QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Serious Sam: TormentalSteam Deck Verified2022-05-13Store Page
428: Shibuya ScrambleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
HammerHelmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
ZombotronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Runes of MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Creature in the WellSteam Deck Playable2022-05-13Store Page
Chicken Police - Paint it RED!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Shing!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Vaporum: LockdownSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Path of GiantsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
ATRI -My Dear Moments-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Days GoneSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Kill It With Fire: IgnitionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Card SharkSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Mech ArmadaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Mr.MineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ghostwire: TokyoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Curiosaurios Club. Un viaje espacialSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Chicken Invaders UniverseSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ComPressureSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
JoyspringSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:KuroiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Leave No One Behind: la DrangSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
CombotsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
NSFW StudioSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Re:BFSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Didnapper 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Far Cry 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Deadfall AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
1954 AlcatrazSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Hero and Daughter+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Assassin's Creed® UnitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black Ops IIISteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Double Dragon TrilogySteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Deadly Tower of MonstersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
ObliteracersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Circuit BreakersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
POSTAL ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
8-Bit ArmiesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Riptide GP: RenegadeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
World of Tanks BlitzSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Zaccaria PinballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
MontaroSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Blade StrangersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
The Hand of MerlinSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
BugsnaxSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Fox HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
Lumberjack SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-12Store Page
OCTOPATH TRAVELER™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Back 4 BloodSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Ary and the Secret of SeasonsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-12Store Page
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite CombateSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Trigon: Space StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Summer with Mia Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
ShanheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
LumencraftSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
MimpiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-11Store Page
Peaky Blinders: MastermindSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
MXGP 2019 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
TokiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Réussir : Code de la Route - Nouvelle Édition (French Highway Code)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Ember KnightsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Chinatown Detective AgencySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
StoneflySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GleamlightSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Shady Lewd KartSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Knock HarderSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GUNBIRDSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lelie Navigation!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Trek to YomiSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Fox Girls Never Play DirtySteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
GodstrikeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Beyond Good and Evil™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
OMFG: One Million Fatal GunsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Leenie BoogSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Crystal ProjectSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Jerma & Otto: The Curse of the Late StreamerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Genderbend Me! Sayonara Demon DongSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
There Is No Light 616Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Lost Alone Ep.1 - SorellinaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
그레텔과 윈슬로의 별장Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Serious Sam: Siberian MayhemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blue Fire: Void MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Motorbike Traffic SplashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
UDONGEIN XSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
YTBBSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OnlyFap Simulator 💦Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
PAC-MAN MUSEUM™Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Samurai GunnSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Bound By FlameSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Dino Run DXSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HalfwaySteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
HexcellsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
ShiftlingsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SoccertronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Adam's Venture: OriginsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
ChromaGunSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Children of ZodiarcsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
UBERMOSH:BLACKSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Holobunnies: Pause CafeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
SpikitSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Serial CleanerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Rose of WinterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Blazing ChromeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie HunterSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
The Norwood SuiteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
11-11 Memories RetoldSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
RIDE 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
BuggosSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Swimsanity!Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Epic Skater 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~Steam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
NASCAR Heat 3Steam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
OverdungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Doom & Destiny WorldsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
VeninethSteam Deck Verified2022-05-10Store Page
SYNTHETIK: ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-05-10Store Page
Phantom PathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Exit the GungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Farming Simulator 22Steam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
Cat Cafe ManagerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Assassin's Creed Freedom CrySteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
EronSteam Deck Playable2022-05-08Store Page
SimplePlanesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Sad Story of Emmeline BurnsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Little Nightmares IISteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
The Last CampfireSteam Deck Verified2022-05-08Store Page
Merchant of the SkiesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RetroMania WrestlingSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Street Power FootballSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
DestropolisSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mightyy's FPS Aim TrainerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Godlike BurgerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Traitors in SalemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Potato Flowers in Full BloomSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Out Bike the Tsunami™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Baldo: The Guardian OwlsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Boxing Club ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crow StorySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Fish StorySteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Dungeon Runner XZSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Traction ControlSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
The Odyssey of the MammothSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Guns of Icarus OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
ResonanceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
GraviSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
ToribashSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Corpse PartySteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Gods Will Be WatchingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
A Boy and His BlobSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon World™Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Kero BlasterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
NEON STRUCTSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Death Skid MarksSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Crash Drive 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Natural SoccerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
The Franz Kafka VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Mushroom WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Koihime Enbu 恋姫†演武Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Guns N' BoxesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Princess Maker Go!Go! PrincessSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Just Ski+Steam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
1 Screen PlatformerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-07Store Page
Headliner: NoviNewsSteam Deck Playable2022-05-07Store Page
Melvor IdleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Deiland: Pocket PlanetSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Red AlgorithmSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Super SwitchSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Wave BreakSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
Strange Night llSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Neo CabSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
The Stillness of the WindSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Rustler (Grand Theft Horse)Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
In Other WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-05-06Store Page
Kara no ShojoSteam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-06Store Page
LamentumSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Falcon AgeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LOST EGGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
My Vow to My LiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Natsuki ChroniclesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
YesterMorrowSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Planet CrafterSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Oblivity - Find your perfect SensitivitySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Hanako | 花子さんSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Succubus★Connect!Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Escape SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Alice in Wonderland - a jigsaw puzzle taleSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
SUPER DRINK BROS.Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Dwarf JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Eternal Cave EscapeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Beholder 3Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 5Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Paint Drying SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Dexter Stardust : Adventures in Outer SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Ys IX -Monstrum NOX-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ChezzleSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
MathletixSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
LeningradSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned kingSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
World SeedSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
BouldeurdacheSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
SQUID GIRLS 18+Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
IbSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Lootbox RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
StacklandsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Painkiller Hell & DamnationSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Stanley ParableSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ContrastSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
DistanceSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
I Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Among the Sleep - Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted LandSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Impossible GameSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The Golf ClubSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Bridge Constructor PlaygroundSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
MuninSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Enemy MindSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
DubWarsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Merchants of KaidanSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
TengamiSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Sublevel Zero ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Tile MinerSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Plebby Quest: The CrusadesSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
HuniePopSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Adventures of ChrisSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
FlemSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Beyond EyesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Curious ExpeditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Gryphon Knight EpicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Pixel GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
The AssemblySteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
TRON RUN/rSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Clouds & Sheep 2Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
OPUS: The Day We Found EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DYESteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
PinkmanSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DUSKSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Bad Dream: ComaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Sleeping ValleySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Operation Babel: New Tokyo LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Invisible HoursSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
PAKO 2Steam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Fidget SpinnerSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
ClaybookSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
CHUCHELSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Raji: An Ancient EpicSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Speed Dating for GhostsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Loot Box QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Super Ledgehop: Double LaserSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
The Void Rains Upon Her HeartSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Tick Tock: A Tale for TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Zanki Zero: Last BeginningSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
SIMULACRA: Pipe DreamsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Beyond BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Fate HuntersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded-Steam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
UnheardSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-05-05Store Page
DisjunctionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Puzzle game for kidsSteam Deck Verified2022-05-05Store Page
Age of Empires® III (2007)Steam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
Persona 4 GoldenSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
The Answer Is 42Steam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
SMASH LEGENDSSteam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
ROUGH KUTS: Night of the Living DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
World of Guns: Gun DisassemblySteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Children of MortaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
ASTRONEERSteam Deck Playable2022-05-04Store Page
RUINERSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
BarroSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
PC Building SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Play With Gilbert - RemakeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Shores UnknownSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Murder Mystery MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Thronebreaker: The Witcher TalesSteam Deck Verified2022-05-04Store Page
Morels: The HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
For The WarpSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
SkullySteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Pascal's Wager: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV -THE END OF SAGA-Steam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Loot RiverSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
DadishSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Artist Life SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
Time on Frog Island - PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Beat InvadersSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
BADLAND: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
PARTICLE MACESteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
The KeepSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Death GoatSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Criminal Girls: Invite OnlySteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Ziggy's ChaseSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Dude, StopSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
DeleteSteam Deck Playable2022-05-03Store Page
CreaksSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
CrystarSteam Deck Verified2022-05-03Store Page
Palindrome Syndrome: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
怕不怕趴喵霸霸 Ghost Party NyanbabaSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
Near DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
CRYPTARKSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
Killing RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-05-02Store Page
Swords and Soldiers 2 ShawarmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
MaquetteSteam Deck Verified2022-05-02Store Page
ColdSideSteam Deck Playable2022-05-01Store Page
Sex Robot Road Trip: Highway to HarrisburgSteam Deck Playable2022-05-01Store Page
SwarmlakeSteam Deck Verified2022-05-01Store Page
EarthXSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
AristocuntsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
PlokothSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Marble WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
RollSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Gravity SnakeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Buccaneers! The New Age of PiracySteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
DeflectorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
ReFactorySteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Splash JumperSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
DARK OF CHROESteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Roma InvictaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
The Baleful TowerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Cactus SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Quantum ConundrumSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Sacred CitadelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
DeponiaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
WrackSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
VIDEOBALLSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Hatoful BoyfriendSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Toast TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
CobaltSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
oOSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
No Time To Explain RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
SteamrollSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Cattails | Become a Cat!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Russian Fishing 4Steam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Friday the 13th: Killer PuzzleSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Sam & Max 101: Culture ShockSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Super Volley BlastSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Narcos: Rise of the CartelsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
Intergalactic FishingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
ibb & obbSteam Deck Verified2022-04-30Store Page
Idle WizardSteam Deck Playable2022-04-30Store Page
WingspanSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Touring KartsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Monaco: What's Yours Is MineSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Buccaneers!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Tainted Grail: ConquestSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Grand Mountain Adventure: WonderlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
a new life.Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
SophstarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
CATch the StarsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Tanto CuoreSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Space Warlord Organ Trading SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Rogue SpiritSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Pandemic LoveSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Wild Wet WestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Peppy's AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
LaserShotzSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Arrow SudokuSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Hero's HourSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
BlackhavenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
BridgeFix 2=3-1Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
A-Train: All Aboard! TourismSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Legend of the Outlaw MageSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
FIND ALL 2: Middle AgesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Cupid NonogramSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Day After DaySteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Magic SexylandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Huygens PrincipleSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
The Tribulation EntanglementSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Idle Sand CastleSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
UnnamedGame RPGSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Crown ClaimerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Poly Memory: DogsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ShreddersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Panicked and Surrounded by Hot VampiresSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Succubus Girl StorySteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Penny for Your ThoughtsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ApotheonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
CastleStormSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Mushroom 11Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Neverending NightmaresSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Coin CryptSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
MonochromaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf HD RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
You Have to Win the GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel LisbonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
OZMAFIA!!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Sunrider: Mask of ArcadiusSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Instant Dungeon!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
It came from space and ate our brainsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
VidarSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Lethis - Path of ProgressSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
TurmoilSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Teddy TerrorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Gremlins, Inc.Steam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000Steam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Sakura FantasySteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
GRIP: Combat RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Rusty Lake HotelSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
The Gardens BetweenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Home Sweet HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Freaky AwesomeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
AMID EVILSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Dungeon Warfare 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
SemblanceSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
MaitetsuSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ElizaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em UpSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
SlipstreamSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
PickCrafterSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
INMATE: SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Unbound: Worlds ApartSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
Dominatrix Simulator: ThresholdSteam Deck Verified2022-04-29Store Page
ONINAKISteam Deck Playable2022-04-29Store Page
Chicory: A Colorful TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Ciconia When They Cry - Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable OnesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Zoo 2: Animal ParkSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Contraband Police: PrologueSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
The Demon Lord is New in Town!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Panzer KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
PixrossSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
AnnSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Silent Hunter® IIISteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Silent Hunter®: Wolves of the Pacific U-Boat MissionsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Cat Gets MedievalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Pavlov's HouseSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Pets and GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
IncrediboxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia ViewSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus®Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Heard There Was A Chosen OneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos ~Love・or・die~Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Sweet HouseSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
GLIMSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HoltSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Deep Despair 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
GUN&DUNSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Martial LawSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HinterlandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Innocence Or Money - PreludeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
EOS 27Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
100 hidden birds 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Cave Story's Secret SantaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Newton Going HomeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
CatNabSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
They Bleed PixelsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Original WarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
OlliOlliSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
MonstrumSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Disney•Pixar Brave: The Video GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds EndSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Heileen 3: New HorizonsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Crookz - The Big HeistSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: RussiaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ X-Wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Black MesaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 4Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Call of Cthulhu®Steam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
LUNA The Shadow DustSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Pan-PanSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
HacktagSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
ManeaterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
CyberhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security BreachSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
Stygian: Reign of the Old OnesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Close Combat: The Bloody FirstSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
Truck and Logistics SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-27Store Page
INMOSTSteam Deck Verified2022-04-27Store Page
BURIED STARSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Curious Expedition 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
LEGO® Builder's JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Mega Man X DiVESteam Deck Playable2022-04-25Store Page
My Friend Peppa PigSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
PaintballSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New RidersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-25Store Page
Barro 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
CoromonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Kingdom of Assetia: The Clicker GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Tap Ninja - Idle gameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-23Store Page
ProspektSteam Deck Playable2022-04-23Store Page
BE-A WalkerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-23Store Page
Will You Snail?Steam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
Coloring Book for KidsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
PsycholonialsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
WizorbSteam Deck Verified2022-04-22Store Page
Hundred Days - Winemaking SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
HealSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Home Sweet Home EP2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Open CountrySteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
HyperbolicaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Play With Gilbert - A Small TailSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Run Prop, Run!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-21Store Page
Pixel Art Coloring BookSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Erotic Jigsaw Puzzle SummerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Toree 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Charades Movie OneSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Before the EchoSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
NASCAR '15 Victory EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
TimespinnerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
Invisigun ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
BoomTown! DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-21Store Page
GorogoaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-21Store Page
TinkertownSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Not Tonight 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?Steam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie gameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-20Store Page
112 OperatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Barn FindersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-20Store Page
Hello Neighbor Alpha 1Steam Deck Playable2022-04-19Store Page
Castle on the CoastSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Trivia TricksSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
NothingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Super Retro FighterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
WitchSpring3 Re:Fine - The Story of Eirudy -Steam Deck Playable2022-04-19Store Page
Breakout: RechargedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Know by heartSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
WattamSteam Deck Verified2022-04-19Store Page
Pants QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Cricket 22 - Academy Creation ToolsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Call of Duty®: Black Ops IISteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Tom Clancy's EndWar™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
A City Sleeps™Steam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to ClimbSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
The Letter - Horror Visual NovelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
WrongworldSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Super Fancy Pants AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
MundaunSteam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Dungeon DeathballSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
EndCycle VSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-16Store Page
Metro SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-16Store Page
Day of DragonsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VISteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Rocket ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Great Marble AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The Lord of the Rings Online™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Slender: The ArrivalSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Rebel GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Mad FatherSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Ball 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Medieval Kingdom WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 3Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Hyper JamSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - RedemptionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
MXGP3 - The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
TattletailSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The VagrantSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Shakedown: HawaiiSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Yono and the Celestial ElephantsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Yume NikkiSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Super Bunny ManSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
SIMULACRASteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Little MisfortuneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Dark Rose ValkyrieSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Sid Meier's Railroads!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
WorbitalSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
NecroVisionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Degrees of SeparationSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
PHOGS!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
GUILTY GEARSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
SimpleRockets 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
~Azur Ring~virgin and slave's phylacteriesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
ArmajetSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Eternal RadianceSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
VectronomSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Blood CardSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Apsulov: End of GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
Puyo Puyo ChampionsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-15Store Page
Operencia: The Stolen SunSteam Deck Playable2022-04-15Store Page
CalicoSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Quantum ProtocolSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Dread TemplarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
At Dead Of NightSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Crab GameSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Trucks & TrailersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Blackguards 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Dangerous GolfSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
EverythingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
UnworthySteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
GrowbotSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
Little Witch Academia: Chamber of TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-13Store Page
Nippon MarathonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
TOKYO GHOUL:re [CALL to EXIST]Steam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Sword Art Online: Lost SongSteam Deck Playable2022-04-13Store Page
Project ZomboidSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Jurassic World Evolution 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
3on3 FreeStyle: ReboundSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
War ThunderSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Saint Seiya: Soldiers' SoulSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
EcoSteam Deck Playable2022-04-12Store Page
Gray DawnSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
The SojournSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
HeadsnatchersSteam Deck Verified2022-04-12Store Page
Transient: Extended EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-12Store Page
Underworld AscendantSteam Deck Playable2022-04-11Store Page
Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday BashSteam Deck Verified2022-04-10Store Page
Moons of MadnessSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Castle Woodwarf 2Steam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
The TestSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by DogsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
D-CorpSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Titan ChaserSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Stolen RealmSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
ANVILSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Wolf of Stock StreetSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Hidden in Plain SightSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Star Traders: FrontiersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
YIIK: A Postmodern RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Of Bird and CageSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Feel The SnowSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Planes, Bullets and VodkaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Wild Guns ReloadedSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Yomawari: Midnight ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses OnlineSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Do Not Feed the MonkeysSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
High HellSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Boyfriend DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
BOOBS SAGA: Prepare To Hentai EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
MechWarrior 5: MercenariesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Tower Hunter: Erza's TrialSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The SlaterSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The Witch's House MVSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
NEBULOUS: Fleet CommandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
Mad Tower TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
UndungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
I Am DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-09Store Page
The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]Steam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Panzer PaladinSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Space HavenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-09Store Page
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-ReckoningSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Dungeon Defenders: AwakenedSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Overlord™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
XIIISteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Len's IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Hidden Lands - Spot the differencesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
PsychSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Relaxing KiteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
EZ2ON REBOOT : RSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Kate: Collateral DamageSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Buck Up And Drive!Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Of Orcs And MenSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Time RiftersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Metro 2033 ReduxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
FINAL FANTASY® XIIISteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
The Culling Of The CowsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
GeneshiftSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V GenerationSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Shadow Complex RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
AquaNoxSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Amihailu in DreamlandSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
BIGFOOTSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
The Golf Club 2™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Laser League: World ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
PixARKSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Super Street: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Steel Rats™Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow FragmentSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
DEEP SPACE WAIFUSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
RESONANCE OF FATE™/END OF ETERNITY™ 4K/HD EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Witch HuntSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic MassacreSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
CODE VEINSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Deus Ex: Invisible WarSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控Steam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Dino D-DaySteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
SEGA Bass FishingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Groove CoasterSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji CombatSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Albion OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
NUTSSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Kaze and the Wild MasksSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Double CrossSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
Cyber ShadowSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Agony UNRATEDSteam Deck Playable2022-04-07Store Page
R-Type Dimensions EXSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
SimmilandSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Sea SaltSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
RecompileSteam Deck Verified2022-04-07Store Page
Second Extinction™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
30XXSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
LakeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Space Crew: Legendary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Bright Memory: InfiniteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
CardaclysmSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™Steam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
The Longest Road on EarthSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Ys IX: Monstrum NoxSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Prince of Persia®: The Sands of TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
Grow: Song of the EvertreeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
AlekonSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Ghost Marriage MatchmakingSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Stuck In TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
La-MulanaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Woolfe - The Red Hood DiariesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
ChroniconSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
Maid of SkerSteam Deck Playable2022-04-06Store Page
VivietteSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
The Shapeshifting DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Everreach: Project EdenSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
Trials of ManaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray BibbiaSteam Deck Verified2022-04-06Store Page
AFTERBURNSteam Deck Verified2022-04-03Store Page
Fight'N RageSteam Deck Verified2022-04-03Store Page
ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
HnefataflSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
DEVOURSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Brutal LegendSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Super MotherloadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Battlezone 98 ReduxSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
STAR WARS™ - Dark ForcesSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2: The Adventure ContinuesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
VRC PROSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Crash Drive 3Steam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
The Mean Greens - Plastic WarfareSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Pathologic Classic HDSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
BioShock™ 2 RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Stranger of Sword CitySteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Turbo PugSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Devil DaggersSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force AwakensSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Age of GladiatorsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Hidden Through TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
The Walking Dead: A New FrontierSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Sally Face - Episode OneSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Wayward SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
The Outer WorldsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANASteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Star RenegadesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Unruly HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Someday You'll ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Seed of the DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
OmnoSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
STEINS;GATE: My Darling's EmbraceSteam Deck Playable2022-04-02Store Page
Cake BashSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
SAMURAI SHODOWN NEOGEO COLLECTIONSteam Deck Verified2022-04-02Store Page
Memoirs of a Battle BrothelSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
ViscerafestSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
AI Drone SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!Steam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUTSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Sid Meier's StarshipsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
FrostpunkSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Velocity 2XSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
How To Survive: Third Person StandaloneSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Sniper EliteSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
ChaserSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Princess Remedy in a World of HurtSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Deadlight: Director's CutSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Condemned: Criminal OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Ben and Ed - Blood PartySteam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Fort TriumphSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Steampunk Tower 2Steam Deck Playable2022-04-01Store Page
Rising HellSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
The King's BirdSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Jet LancerSteam Deck Verified2022-04-01Store Page
Paw Paw PawSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Narita BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Sands of SalzaarSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Warhammer: Chaos And ConquestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Killing FloorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New YorkSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® VegasSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
HaremKingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
League Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Torchlight IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
PrimordiaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Divinity: Original Sin (Classic)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
MARVEL Puzzle QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner CaySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Trine 3: The Artifacts of PowerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
SubterrainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Death's Gambit: AfterlifeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Bounty TrainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
LiEatSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
80 DaysSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
2DarkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Hidden FolksSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Halo Wars: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Welcome to the GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Realms of MagicSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Tokyo 42Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
DRIFT21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Fresh BodySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Party Hard 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
LEGO® City UndercoverSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Old Man's JourneySteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's CurseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
CatmazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Rez InfiniteSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! XTENDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
9 Monkeys of ShaolinSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
TINY METALSteam Deck Playable2022-03-31Store Page
Beholder 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With MeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Lovecraft's Untold StoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
LIBERATEDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Gato RobotoSteam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Get In The Car, Loser!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-31Store Page
Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada -Steam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Firing VibesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
FliponSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Tiny Combat ArenaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Sakura Knight 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Jetborne RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
S.U.M. - Slay Uncool MonstersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Infested PlanetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Arma II: DayZ ModSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
RobocraftSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Potatoman Seeks the TroofSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
The UniversimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Disc JamSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
The House of Da VinciSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
ICEYSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Jurassic World EvolutionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Dragon SpearSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:NewalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
Romancing SaGa 3™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-30Store Page
One Step From EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-30Store Page
Arrow TourneySteam Deck Verified2022-03-29Store Page
Black SkylandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Eternal HopeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
MystSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
100% Orange JuiceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Sniper Elite 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
IndivisibleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
SHENZHEN I/OSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
I Can't Believe It's Not GamblingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Outer WildsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
GloomhavenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-28Store Page
Moving OutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-28Store Page
Firestone Idle RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Neptunia ShooterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lords MobileSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Brunch ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battle Grounds IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Banners of RuinSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
NBA 2K20Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
SONG OF HORROR COMPLETE EDITIONSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Football Manager 2020Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Last SpellSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
HydroneerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ranch SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Landlord's SuperSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
EVERSPACE™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Big ConSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
OwlboySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Idle Big DevilSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Breeders of the Nephelym: AlphaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Growing UpSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Suite 776Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Midnight RideSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Kili's treasureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Cloud MeadowSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Boxman's StruggleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Door Kickers 2: Task Force NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Dark Deception: Monsters & MortalsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Kainga: Seeds of CivilizationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Cyber AgentSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Baldi's Basics PlusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ProntySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Ship Graveyard SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ArchvaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Midnight Castle Succubus DXSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
World of Art - learn with Jigsaw PuzzlesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Drox Operative 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Pledge: Extra creditSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Super Bomberman R OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SiN: GoldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Endless Battle: Return of Hero +1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Rise and FallSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Action TaimaninSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Evening StarterSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Mad Games Tycoon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mysteries Of DarknessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
I am an Air Traffic Controller 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Gem Wizards TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Endless BountySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Jigsaw Puzzles: Master Artists of OldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Super Mecha ChampionsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Diorama BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Chinatown Detective Agency: Day OneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
[TDA01] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 01 REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Syberia: The World BeforeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Fuzz Force: Spook SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
BLUE REFLECTION: Second LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tour de France 2021Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Out of the Park Baseball 22Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
College Kings - Act ISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Road 96 🛣️Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
鬼谷八荒 Tale of ImmortalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Hentai Femdom Sim: Femdom UniversitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Carrier Command 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Youtubers Life 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Carnal InstinctSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
HALF DEAD 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tavern MasterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SOL CRESTASteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Rune Factory 4 SpecialSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tree Simulator 2022Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
IncrelutionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Core KeeperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Dreams of Desire: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lust from Beyond: M EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGENDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
eFootball™ 2022Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Uncrashed : FPV Drone SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Fetish Locator Week TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Wolfenstein: The New OrderSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Strike Suit ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
RaceRoom Racing ExperienceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Basement CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Prison ArchitectSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
BanishedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Men of War: Assault Squad 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Plague Inc: EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Viscera Cleanup DetailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Door KickersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UnderRailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Race The SunSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Silent Storm Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gauntlet™ Slayer EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Gray MatterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Lethal LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
10 Second NinjaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
This War of MineSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ENDLESS™ LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Heroes® of Might & Magic® III - HD EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Call to ArmsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mortal Kombat XSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® RogueSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battlezone Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
PolaritySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
We Happy FewSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
STAR WARS™ Starfighter™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
PixelJunk™ Shooter UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Super Galaxy Squadron EX TurboSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Mini NinjasSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Streets of Fury EXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD RemasterSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battle BrothersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Tom Clancy’s The Division™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Seasons after FallSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Angels Fall FirstSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
NBA 2K16Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Tales of SymphoniaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Portal KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Scrap MechanicSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Azure Striker GunvoltSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
PacerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Bulb BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
UndertaleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ENDLESS™ Space 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Deathstate: Abyssal EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
FlatOut 4: Total InsanitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
THE GAME OF LIFESteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Emily Wants To PlaySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Particle Fleet: EmergenceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Victoria IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Shakes and FidgetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mantis Burn Racing®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battle Chef Brigade DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Shadowverse CCGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® - Dark CrusadeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UNOSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
VERSUS SQUADSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Zero Escape: The Nonary GamesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Minion MastersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
WWE 2K17Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! - Full CourseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
F1™ 2017Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
My Summer CarSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SYNTHETIK: Legion RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Super Blood HockeySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Micro Machines World SeriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
GTTOD: Get To The Orange DoorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Battlestar Galactica DeadlockSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SOULCALIBUR VISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
LoveKami -Divinity Stage-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
SteamWorld Dig 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGESteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Evil Within 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
GreedFallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
StoneshardSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Clicker Heroes 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
UNDYINGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Cooking SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
The Surge 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
WWE 2K18Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Doki Doki Literature Club!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
PUSS!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
TaleSpireSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
ForagerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
ONE PIECE World SeekerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
War RobotsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Muse DashSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Unity of Command IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Idol ManagerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
CryoFallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Circle EmpiresSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Phoenix Point: Year One EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Geometry Wars: Retro EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Arkham Horror: Mother's EmbraceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Honey, I Joined a CultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Creeper World 4Steam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Nova DriftSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Pummel PartySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
XCOM®: Chimera SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Snooker 19Steam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Spellcaster UniversitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Mist SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
CARRIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Heavy RainSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
Beyond: Two SoulsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
ProdeusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Later AlligatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
AutonautsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-27Store Page
Spyro™ Reignited TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-03-27Store Page
The Alliance Alive HD RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
AO Tennis 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
A Total War Saga: TROYSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Down in BermudaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Aragami 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Hospital TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Gears TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
WE ARE FOOTBALLSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Corpse Party (2021)Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
DamnationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Ultimate Racing 2D 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
HaikiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
The Smurfs - Mission VileafSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Spaceflight SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Mass Effect (2007)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Zombie Panic! SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Wee Tanks!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Alice: Madness ReturnsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Company of Heroes: Tales of ValorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Call of Duty®: GhostsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Magrunner: Dark PulseSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Getting Over It with Bennett FoddySteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
State of DecaySteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
The Walking Dead: Season TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Halo: Spartan AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
TechnobabylonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions EvolvedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
METAL SLUG XSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Strange BrigadeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
TharsisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
KalimbaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Axiom VergeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Talismania DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
VolumeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Cue Club 2: Pool & SnookerSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
The Long Journey HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Kung Fury: Street RageSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
DiRT 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
One Piece Burning BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
God's TriggerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Police StoriesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Saints Row: The ThirdSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-25Store Page
Generation Zero®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
NecrobaristaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICESteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
HellboundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Project WinterSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
JamestownSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
FlowerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Blade KittenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-25Store Page
Utawarerumono: Mask of DeceptionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
WorldBox - God SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
When The Night ComesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
Crysis RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
Crash WheelsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
Surviving the AftermathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-24Store Page
The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of MemoriesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-24Store Page
DreamscaperSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And DabsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Disciples: LiberationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Aerial_Knight's Never YieldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
COGEN: Sword of Rewind / COGEN: 大鳥こはくと刻の剣Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
---Red---Tether-->Steam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Tropico 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Mount Your FriendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Vox MachinaeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS RSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Left 4 DeadSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
PikunikuSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Lonely Mountains: DownhillSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Metal Wolf Chaos XDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-23Store Page
Steven Universe: Save the LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-23Store Page
Cricket 19Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
DIRT 5Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
PineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Drift86Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Breath of Death VIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Kingdom Under Fire: The CrusadersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
zzzzzSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
MotoGP™20Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
PerfectLoverSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Fantasy Grounds UnitySteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Midnight Club 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Kandagawa Jet GirlsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
SchwarzerblitzSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Sheltered 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Gal*Gun ReturnsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Gaia ProjectSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Blaster Master Zero 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
RPGolf LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Minecraft DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Mirror's Edge™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
AMNESIASteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Orcs Must Die! 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
TERA - Action MMORPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Rock of AgesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
DLC QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Starseed PilgrimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Thunder WolvesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Freedom FallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's RampageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dead EffectSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
GET EVENSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Tales of Monkey Island: Complete SeasonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Puzzle AgentSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Back to the Future: The GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Squishy the Suicidal PigSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Halo: Spartan StrikeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
200% Mixed Juice!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Typer Shark! DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Shiness: The Lightning KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Contradiction - Spot The Liar!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
NECROPOLIS: BRUTAL EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
WWE 2K16Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Alpha RunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dead Effect 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Old School MusicalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
HobSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Golf With Your FriendsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Speed BrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Ride 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Yomawari: Night AloneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dragon KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
THOTHSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Lucius IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious BookSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
AIRHEART - Tales of broken WingsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Rusty Lake: RootsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
ValfarisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Dandara: Trials of Fear EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
The Escapists 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-teredSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
F1 2018Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
Assassin's Creed® OdysseySteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
The SurvivalistsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
F1® 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-03-22Store Page
SkateBIRDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
Just Die AlreadySteam Deck Verified2022-03-22Store Page
When The Past Was AroundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Fights in Tight SpacesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
G.I. Joe: Operation BlackoutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Mini MetroSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
QuiplashSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
1993 Space MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Wuppo: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The GuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Tropico 6Steam Deck Playable2022-03-21Store Page
Railway EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-03-21Store Page
Mutant Football LeagueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Hobo: Tough LifeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
Bum SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-21Store Page
SuperliminalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Prototype 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Khimera: Puzzle IslandSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Despot's Game: Dystopian Army BuilderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
Super Cable BoySteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
Cats in TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
Zombie Driver HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-20Store Page
DYSMANTLESteam Deck Verified2022-03-20Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: IRON RAINSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Lair of the Clockwork GodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Biolab WarsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Orc MassageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Depraved AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mecha Knights: NightmareSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mad Experiments: Escape RoomSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Slave Princess SarahSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Sea of SolitudeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound & DebriefedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Barro FSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Tanuki SunsetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Toodee and TopdeeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Progressbar95Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Pro Cycling Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Cozy GroveSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Waves of SteelSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
BloodwashSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Lust Theory - Season 1Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Snake PitSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Tall PoppySteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Tuition AcademiaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
America's Army: Proving GroundsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Assassin’s Creed® IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
DeadlightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
BrawlhallaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Dreaming SarahSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Bejeweled 2 DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Dynomite DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Peggle DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The Lottery TicketSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The Vegas HeistSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I.™ - The New York FortuneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Mystery P.I. - Lost in Los AngelesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Fran BowSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Super Rude Bear ResurrectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
The Escapists: The Walking DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Aerofly FS 2 Flight SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
TUNICSteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
Warsim: The Realm of AslonaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-19Store Page
Shenmue IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
eFootball PES 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-03-19Store Page
WRATH: Aeon of RuinSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Coloring GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Shadow Warrior 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Nancy Drew®: Midnight in SalemSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
GOD WARS The Complete LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Dota UnderlordsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
That Flipping MountainSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iXSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Fast and LowSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Founders' FortuneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
AHEGAL SEASONSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT ShoppeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 - The Crystal MenhirSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Captain is DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Urban CardsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
RISK: Global DominationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Brave Alchemist ColetteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Richman10Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Escape the AyuwokiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Re:Turn - One Way TripSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Alwa's LegacySteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Creepy TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The EscaperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
PicklockSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Song of IronSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Neighbours back From HellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Black Book: PrologueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Jack Hayes: The Lazarus SignSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Sakura Knight 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Friendship with BenefitsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Eternal DreamersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Call of KarenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sakura Succubus 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Miracle SudokuSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Dodgeball AcademiaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Wordle 3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Autumn and GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Chronicles Of Myrtana: ArcholosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Living together with Fox DemonSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Soul Nomad & the World EatersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Creepy Tale 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Romance after darkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Chased by DarknessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Lustful TribeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Darius Cozmic Collection ArcadeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
OccultSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Bean and NothingnessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Ancient GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Crimzon Clover World EXplosionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror NightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Franchise Hockey Manager 8Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Sid Meier’s Ace PatrolSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Fantasy Grounds ClassicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
SOMASteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
RepubliqueSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Iggle Pop DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
King's QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Outlast 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Samorost 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Grow UpSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Who's Your Daddy?!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Town of LightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
Amnesia: The Dark DescentSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
The Painscreek KillingsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
POSTAL 4: No RegertsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sabbat of the WitchSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
Sid Meier's Civilization® VSteam Deck Playable2022-03-18Store Page
ReventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-18Store Page
F1® 2020Steam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Yokai's SecretSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Silent SectorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The RewinderSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Bunny ParkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Bang-On Balls: ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Mirror's Edge™ CatalystSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
迷雾之夏-The Vigilant VillaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Hit Zero: ChronosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
LumioneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
StrangelandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
The Legend of TiandingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
SPOOKWARESteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Nuclear BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Touhou Monster TD ~ 幻想乡妖怪塔防Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
LAST CLOUDIASteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
SudekiSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Project CARSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - UprisingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Move or DieSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Zuma DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
DOOMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
PewDiePie: Legend of the BrofistSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
F1 2016Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Momodora: Reverie Under The MoonlightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-Steam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Redeemer: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Xeno CrisisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
Dear Esther: Landmark EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-17Store Page
The Next BIG ThingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-17Store Page
Sands of AuraSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Trash SailorsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Seeds of ChaosSteam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
King of SeasSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
WreckfestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
The Silent AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
Battlevoid: HarbingerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Psychonauts 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-16Store Page
Neon AbyssSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
WolfQuest: Anniversary EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-16Store Page
Elf Enchanter: Arousing AnimaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
GONNER2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
ShieldwallSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
Alba: A Wildlife AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
GlitchpunkSteam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
The RampSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Gunborg: Dark MattersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Mercenaries BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Creatures of AetherSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-15Store Page
Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl FleetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sonic Lost WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
TacomaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
DoDonPachi ResurrectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
Sphinx and the Cursed MummySteam Deck Verified2022-03-15Store Page
BloodshoreSteam Deck Verified2022-03-14Store Page
La-Mulana 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-14Store Page
UnspottableSteam Deck Verified2022-03-13Store Page
InsomnisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Conan Chop ChopSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
BirdGutSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
RochardSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Main AssemblySteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link EvolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Card HogSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Happy GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
FeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
The ShoreSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Beyond Mankind: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
John Wick HexSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Song of FarcaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Your ChronicleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Forza Horizon 5Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
NejicomiSimulator Vol.1 (Gapping, Amputee sex slave, Petrify, Time Stop)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Adorable WitchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Suit for HireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
GROUND BRANCHSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Lands of EldynSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Subway MidnightSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Hacker SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Walking DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
FTL: Faster Than LightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
QUAKE IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
One Finger Death PunchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
The CouncilSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
#KILLALLZOMBIESSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Insaniquarium DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
Pizza Frenzy DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Wizard's Pen™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Charlie MurderSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
StaxelSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
SubsistenceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
DARQ: Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
GTFOSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Turing TestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Next Day: SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Ion FurySteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Desperados IIISteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Flight Control HDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
HellpointSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
Star ValorSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
ValheimSteam Deck Verified2022-03-12Store Page
LittlewoodSteam Deck Playable2022-03-12Store Page
DiggermanSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Orcs Must Die!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Layers of Fear 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Aeon's EndSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Devolver BootlegSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Weird WestSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Arietta of SpiritsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Arrest of a stone BuddhaSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
The Magician's ResearchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Catlateral Damage: RemeowsteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
A Juggler's TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Sentimental KSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Hats and Hand GrenadesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Super Mombo QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Sunday RivalsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Flewfie's AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Die After SunsetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Glitchhikers: The Spaces BetweenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Luna's Fishing GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Tested on Humans: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Between Time: Escape RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
LiberteSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
BunhouseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
TD WorldsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Have a Nice DeathSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
BAD END THEATERSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Wars and RosesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Prince of Persia®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Kentucky Route Zero: PC EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Toybox TurbosSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
CrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Pure PoolSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Heavy Weapon DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
ClustertruckSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Mages of MystraliaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
SCP: Secret LaboratorySteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
Hacker Evolution: UntoldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-11Store Page
HITMAN™ 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-11Store Page
Interrogation: You will be deceivedSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten KingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Ultra SavageSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
WavesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
AmbrosiaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
VesselSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
Yes, Your GraceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
ALTF4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
PawnbarianSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
BattletoadsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Button CitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
TOEMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Void TyrantSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
WordleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Scars of SummerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Turing CompleteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
WanderLustSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
My Singing Monsters PlaygroundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Trials Fusion™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
Q.U.B.E. 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
ExanimaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
LooterkingsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
LEGO® MARVEL's AvengersSteam Deck Playable2022-03-10Store Page
SplitgateSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
DiRT Rally 2.0Steam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
DOOM EternalSteam Deck Verified2022-03-10Store Page
KUNAISteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Tools Up!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Touhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth R-Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Totally Reliable Delivery ServiceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Prototype™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
TASOMACHI: Behind the TwilightSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Dark BestiarySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
MetamorphosisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
PupperazziSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Lofi Ping PongSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Blaster Master Zero 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hentai Mosaique Vip RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
ScourgeBringerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Startup PanicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Minute of IslandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Little Witch NobetaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
A Monster's ExpeditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Inspector WafflesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Langrisser I & IISteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Dragon Star VarnirSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
VaneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SeenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Beat BlastSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Himno - The Silent MelodySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
DepixtionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Stranger Things 3: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
3000th DuelSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLESteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
FlorenceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Word GameSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Evan's RemainsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Shady Part of MeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hunting Simulator 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Dragon Marked For DeathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Utawarerumono: Mask of TruthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Siege Survival: Gloria VictisSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Apex Legends™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Say No! MoreSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Rubber BanditsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
AgelessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
NEOMORPHSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
ManhuntSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Death end re;Quest 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rise of the ArgonautsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Overlord IISteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Hylics 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crash The CoreSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
SaGa Frontier RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
GetsuFumaDen: Undying MoonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Aokana - EXTRA1Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SAMURAI SHODOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Fetish Locator Week OneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
ANNO: MutationemSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry TwiceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Time Break ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Next Space RebelsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
LOST EPICSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The PathlessSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Touhou Mystia's IzakayaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Bro FallsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crysis Warhead®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Bound by LoveSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
TechnoMagicSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SEX with HITLERSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rayman® OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Magic 2014 — Duels of the PlaneswalkersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Fieldrunners 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
McPixelSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Alien Breed: ImpactSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Escape Dead IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Castle of IllusionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Mars: War LogsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Last Remnant™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
DivekickSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
OvergrowthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Super Amazing Wagon AdventureSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Valdis Story: Abyssal CitySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Double Dragon: NeonSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Lili: Child of Geos - Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Crayon Physics DeluxeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
BardbarianSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITIONSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROESSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
TransformiceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Escape Rosecliff IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Hamilton's Great AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
I am SetsunaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Transport FeverSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
LostWindsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
PAC-MAN 256Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Omensight: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the DuelistSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Vision of Aurora BorealisSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Sakura NovaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Disney Infinity 2.0: Gold EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Disney Infinity 3.0: Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
The Cows Are WatchingSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Shadows: AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Sine Mora EXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Infinite Adventures®Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
D&D Lords of WaterdeepSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Tribal WarsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
SAS: Zombie Assault 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - EarthbloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Nowhere ProphetSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Idle BouncerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Rise of the Third PowerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Crazy TaxiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
PooSkySteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
EXAPUNKSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
KIDSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
killer7Steam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
Total War: ROME REMASTEREDSteam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
RelictaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-09Store Page
One Finger Death Punch 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-09Store Page
Tiny SnowSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Contra Anniversary CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
DATE A LIVE: Rio ReincarnationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret HideoutSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Morbid: The Seven AcolytesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
SLUDGE LIFESteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
9th Dawn IIISteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Cockwork Industries CompleteSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Classic SudokuSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Yuki Onna | 雪女Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret FairySteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Need for Speed™ RivalsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 4Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson RealmSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
cyberpunkdreamsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
R-Type Final 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Golf Club WastelandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
超级捕鱼Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Red Faction Guerrilla Steam EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons Online®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
BotaniculaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Blades of TimeSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
PidSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
PAYDAY™ The HeistSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
BloodRayne Betrayal (Legacy)Steam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Tales from the BorderlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Bejeweled DeluxeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Dead Island: Riptide Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
Metro ExodusSteam Deck Verified2022-03-08Store Page
ArtifactSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
RavenfieldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-08Store Page
Nurse Love SyndromeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Nigate TaleSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
OUTBUDDIES DXSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Tesla ForceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
I Saw Black CloudsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Night BookSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
Tower Ball - Incremental Tower DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
DG2: Defense Grid 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-07Store Page
The HexSteam Deck Playable2022-03-07Store Page
STEINS;GATE ELITESteam Deck Playable2022-03-07Store Page
Siralim UltimateSteam Deck Playable2022-03-06Store Page
Lost RuinsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
Twin MirrorSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
OutlastSteam Deck Playable2022-03-06Store Page
West of LoathingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
The Spiral ScoutsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-06Store Page
The TenantsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer GameSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Wanba WarriorsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Ultimate Admiral: DreadnoughtsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Baldur's Gate 3Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Cyberpunk 2077Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Red Wings: Aces of the SkySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Samurai Jack: Battle Through TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
TeardownSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Urtuk: The DesolationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Pumpkin JackSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Shantae and the Seven SirensSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Spirit IslandSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Jerez's ArenaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Cats Organized NeatlySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Ocean's HeartSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Kathy Rain: Director's CutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERSSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Dogs Organized NeatlySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
EdgeOfTheAbyssAwakenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
PowerSlave ExhumedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Brutal OrchestraSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Mystery of Fortune 2 RefineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Guacamelee! Gold EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite SpaceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Gone HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Homeworld Remastered CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
SPORE™ Galactic AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Craft The WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
BroforceSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Pixel Puzzles: JapanSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Zombie Army TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Software Inc.Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Dead Island Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
KabounceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Mansions of MadnessSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Runner3Steam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
You Have 10 Seconds 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Bomber CrewSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
Little Big WorkshopSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
CHRONO TRIGGER®Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Beat Hazard 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
TannenbergSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
ChilloutVRSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
Bus Simulator 21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-05Store Page
嗜血印 Bloody SpellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-05Store Page
StrugglingSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
BastionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
RatropolisSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the FallenSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Spirit of the NorthSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Necromunda: Hired GunSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Moonglow BaySteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINASteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand PrixSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Age of Empires IVSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
FIFA 22Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
FAR: Changing TidesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
JiuTian Idle RPGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
F.E.A.R.Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Mass Effect 2 (2010)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Icewind Dale: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
KeeperRLSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising StormSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
InfernaxSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
ABZUSteam Deck Verified2022-03-04Store Page
Osiris: New DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Day of InfamySteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® WildlandsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
METAL GEAR SURVIVESteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Quake ChampionsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Bean BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Session: Skate SimSteam Deck Playable2022-03-04Store Page
Fabulous - Angela's True ColorsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Wizard And Minion IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
60 Seconds! ReatomizedSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Dandy AceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Trials of FireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
PixelJunk™ EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Garden StorySteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Neon BeatsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
ClassiCubeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Hentai Pussy 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Cthulhu Saves the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Alan WakeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Sea of ThievesSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Poker ClubSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Inertial DriftSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BlightboundSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Skeletal AvengerSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21Steam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Five DatesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Tiny LandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
The Dungeon BeneathSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Mud and BloodSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
SPACE / MECH / PILOTSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Reverie Knights TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
HoaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BUSTAFELLOWSSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Chasing Tails ~A Promise in the Snow~Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Dead SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Alan Wake's American NightmareSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Octodad: Dadliest CatchSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
PixelJunk™ Nom Nom GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Rush Bros.Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
How to SurviveSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
BrawloutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
LEGO® The Hobbit™Steam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
GNOGSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Broken Sword: Director's CutSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
RicochetSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
FoundationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Heaven's VaultSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
7 Billion HumansSteam Deck Verified2022-03-02Store Page
Hypnospace OutlawSteam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
Steel Division 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-02Store Page
ForegoneSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
SnakeybusSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Letters - a written adventureSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
9-nine-:Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Nightmare ReaperSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
GENSOU SkydriftSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Ultimate Admiral: Age of SailSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Grow DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Crysis 2 - Maximum EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Hazumi and the PregnationSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Doomsday HuntersSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Chaos GalaxySteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
There Is No Game: Wrong DimensionSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Watcher ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
b 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Dealer's Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
METALLIC CHILDSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
CONNECTED!Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Lily's WellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Devil SpireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Serious Sam 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
StarboundSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Stronghold Crusader 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Poker Night 2Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Final Fantasy III (3D Remake)Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's WrathSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
BELOWSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Lovers in a Dangerous SpacetimeSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
IkarugaSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Neighbours from Hell CompilationSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Even the OceanSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
LYNESteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
DepthSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 OnikakushiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Farming Simulator 15Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
STAR WARS™ Empire at War - Gold PackSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Rise to RuinsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
SpyPartySteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb™Steam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
DownwellSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
RPG Maker MVSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Human Resource MachineSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
CrashlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Rabi-RibiSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Purino PartySteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORMSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong SolitaireSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
A Robot Named Fight!Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Pogostuck: Rage With Your FriendsSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Path to MnemosyneSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
FreewaysSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSIONSteam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Booty CallsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Factory TownSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
THE LONGINGSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Summer PocketsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
VolcanoidsSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Astrox ImperiumSteam Deck Playable2022-03-01Store Page
Streets of Rage 4Steam Deck Verified2022-03-01Store Page
Super Jigsaw Puzzle: GenerationsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
Sacred 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Don't Starve TogetherSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Caves of QudSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
Flashing Lights - Police, Firefighting, Emergency Services SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-28Store Page
PacifySteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
Sniper Ghost Warrior ContractsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
The AscentSteam Deck Verified2022-02-28Store Page
The Suicide of Rachel FosterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
DredgersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Kraken Academy!!Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
OlliOlli WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
UnMetalSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
I Am FishSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Logic LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Dragon Age: OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Intralism: RebuildSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Aperture Desk JobSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Jet Set RadioSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Age of Empires II (2013)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Broken AgeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
KenshiSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
TransistorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Counter-Strike: SourceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
RUNNING WITH RIFLESSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
No Man's SkySteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Super Mega Baseball: Extra InningsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Crossing SoulsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Lost CoastSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Western PressSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Episode OneSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
RefunctSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Super Mega Baseball 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Alien Swarm: Reactive DropSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
MOTHERGUNSHIPSteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Assassin's Creed® OriginsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Startup CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Yakuza 0Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Donut CountySteam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
SuperflightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
Genesis NoirSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
BioShock™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
NBA 2K19Steam Deck Verified2022-02-27Store Page
Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-02-27Store Page
KungFu KickballSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Freedom FingerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Game of Thrones Winter is ComingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Monster Prom 2: Monster CampSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
ELDEN RINGSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Need for Speed™ Most WantedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Tails of IronSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Old School RuneScapeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Claire's Quest: GOLDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
DorfromantikSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
BirdSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Chair SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Binary DomainSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 5-7Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
The WitnessSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Rayman® LegendsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Vertiginous GolfSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Half-Life 2: UpdateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
FlatOut 2™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
The Long DarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
ObductionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Zero Escape: Zero Time DilemmaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Rain WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
The Church in the Darkness ™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Shift HappensSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Super Mutant Alien AssaultSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Tank Mechanic SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Praey for the GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
GOAT OF DUTYSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Think of the ChildrenSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
MindSeizeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Life is Strange: True ColorsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-25Store Page
Bloons Adventure Time TDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-25Store Page
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Football Manager 2020 TouchSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eldest SoulsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
GhostrunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Crusader Kings IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New ChampionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™ Tetris® 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
TownscaperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Quickie: A Love Hotel StorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Defend the RookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milkSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
ThiefSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Contraption MakerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
InfinifactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Youtubers LifeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Puyo Puyo™Tetris®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Door Kickers: Action SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S: HELP WANTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-24Store Page
DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-24Store Page
Eternal ReturnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ATOM RPG TrudogradSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
觅长生Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Nexomon: ExtinctionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
NBA 2K21Steam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Knockout City™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mass Effect™ Legendary EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Blade AssaultSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
WartalesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Last Stand Legacy CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Wrestling EmpireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Super Auto PetsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
BitburnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
DCS World Steam EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
UnEpicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
FATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Goat SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
King's Bounty: Dark SideSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Pillars of EternitySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Call of Duty®: Infinite WarfareSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Alien Shooter 2: ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
ARK: Survival EvolvedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Yooka-LayleeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Fallout 4Steam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Time ClickersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
AdventureQuest 3DSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
This Is the PoliceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
JalopySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
SatisfactorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Little Busters! English EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
Men of War: Assault SquadSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Sanator: Scarlet ScarfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
The Ultimatest BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Monster PromSteam Deck Verified2022-02-23Store Page
太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of TaiwuSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Spiral ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
Expeditions: RomeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-23Store Page
War SelectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the BlueSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Astalon: Tears of the EarthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Before Your EyesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow TorchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Grapple DogSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
5D Chess With Multiverse Time TravelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
World of TanksSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Space Travel IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Recipe for DisasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Incremental Epic HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Underworld IdleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Vivid KnightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Infinity KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Furry Shades of Gay 2: A Shade GayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
I'm on Observation Duty 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Pet idleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Realm of the Mad God ExaltSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
King's Bounty: Warriors of the NorthSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Worms ArmageddonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
AntichamberSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Kerbal Space ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little InfernoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
FEZSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Galactic Civilizations IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Murdered: Soul SuspectSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
SpelunkySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
PixelJunk™ Monsters UltimateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
realMyst: Masterpiece EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Legend of Grimrock 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Death Road to CanadaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hyper Light DrifterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Hero SiegeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Quake Live™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark OutsideSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
We Need To Go DeeperSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
DiRT RallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura AngelsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Victor Vran ARPGSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy's 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Trine Enchanted EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Horizon Chase TurboSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Sakura DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
ELEXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Stories of Bethem: Full MoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Little NightmaresSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Team Fortress 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Ara Fell: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
OvercookedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Battle Chasers: NightwarSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Hand of Fate 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Darksiders Warmastered EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Nine ParchmentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BeholderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
MX vs ATV All OutSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dota 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Killer InstinctSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Punch Planet - Early AccessSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Production Line : Car factory simulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BIOMUTANTSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
MashinkySteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Train Valley 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
TangledeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
VVVVVVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Dominions 5 - Warriors of the FaithSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
BreathedgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Red Solstice 2: SurvivorsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Destroy All Humans!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
SNKRXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
PUSSYSteam Deck Verified2022-02-22Store Page
Gordian QuestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-22Store Page
Lazy GalaxySteam Deck Playable2022-02-21Store Page
Age of History IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-19Store Page
CloudpunkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-19Store Page
Partisans 1941Steam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Wrestledunk SportsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Big Farm StorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Isekai Succubus ~My Genderbent Saga in Another World~Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Mon BazouSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
NBA 2K22Steam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Alien: IsolationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
A Story About My UncleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside DetectiveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Super Meat BoySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
MagickaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
Sonic ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
JourneySteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
Trackmania United ForeverSteam Deck Playable2022-02-18Store Page
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the DarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-18Store Page
RuneScape ®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
It Takes Two Friend's PassSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Shadow WarriorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Fable AnniversarySteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SteamWorld HeistSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Lethal League BlazeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management SimulationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
A Plague Tale: InnocenceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Control Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
Skater XL - The Ultimate Skateboarding GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-17Store Page
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - RehydratedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-17Store Page
Blacksad: Under the SkinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - ProphecySteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Internet Cafe SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Command & Conquer™ Remastered CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Cartel TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Buddy Simulator 1984Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
VoidigoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
CraftopiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
AragamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
UnturnedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
ChasmSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Shadow Warrior 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Kingdom: ClassicSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Borderlands 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Streets of RogueSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
MegaquariumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
WargrooveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
My Time At PortiaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-16Store Page
Bridge Constructor PortalSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Glass Masquerade 2: IllusionsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-16Store Page
Ultimate Fishing Simulator VRSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
This Land Is My LandSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TOHUSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RoguebookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mini MotorwaysSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
OMORISteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Slapshot: ReboundSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ICBMSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
NexomonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
MoncageSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Mist LegacySteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Castle in The Clouds DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3: Complete EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
OpenTTDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
HITMAN 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Worms RevolutionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dungeon of the ENDLESS™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Oozi: Earth AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Secrets of GrindeaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Mordheim: City of the DamnedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
The Banner Saga 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cat Goes FishingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Peggle™ NightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® SyndicateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Anno 2205™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
TorchlightSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
FuriSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VampyrSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Pinball FX3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Bloons TD BattlesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Wizard of LegendSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
VanquishSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Rome: Total War™ - CollectionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Cold WatersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dead Rising 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Them's Fightin' HerdsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Low Magic AgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
ParkasaurusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Carcassonne - Tiles & TacticsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
House FlipperSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
RaftSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
No Longer HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Planet ZooSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Animal Super SquadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Chinese ParentsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
AtomicropsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Dragon CliffSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Mars HorizonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
BlasphemousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
This Is the Police 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Monster SanctuarySteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
Iron HarvestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Garden PawsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Super Animal RoyaleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Crying SunsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
GOD EATER 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Assassin's Creed® III RemasteredSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Final UpgradeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Amazing Cultivation SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
SUCCUBUSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-15Store Page
Fae TacticsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-15Store Page
BeaconSteam Deck Verified2022-02-13Store Page
EpidoSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
River City GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
TimberbornSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
RökiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Before We LeaveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
CosmicBreak UniversalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Midnight ProtocolSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
SuzerainSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
EverhoodSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Escape Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
The Room 4: Old SinsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
THE GAME OF LIFE 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
A traveler's photo albumSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Strange HorticultureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Ghost Exorcism INC.Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Defense Grid: The AwakeningSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCHSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAINSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Valkyria Chronicles™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Yoku's Island ExpressSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
MushihimesamaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Disgaea 2 PCSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
DragoniaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
60 Parsecs!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
AshenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
GRISSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
Between the StarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Dicey DungeonsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Starcom: NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Rogue Fable IIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-12Store Page
Fantasy BlacksmithSteam Deck Verified2022-02-12Store Page
PictoQuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Long DriveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Serin FateSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
MO:AstraySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Windjammers 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
As Far As The EyeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sayonara Wild HeartsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Farm Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Grim ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Wonderful 101: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Until We DieSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Life is Strange RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Definitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dark DeitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
NGU INDUSTRIESSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
WARNOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Tap Wizard 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Call of Juarez: GunslingerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
South Park™: The Stick of Truth™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
EvolandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The Banner SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
System Shock 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Styx: Master of ShadowsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The ForestSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Cities: SkylinesSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
XCOM® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Five Nights at Freddy'sSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Everyday Genius: SquareLogicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Popup DungeonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
LEGO® Jurassic WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Evoland 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Sakura ClickerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
TSIOQUESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Twilight StruggleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
STEINS;GATESteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Epic Battle Fantasy 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World TourSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Crush CrushSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Pathfinder AdventuresSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
What Remains of Edith FinchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV STEAM EDITIONSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
HUNTDOWNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Thief SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Sonic Generations CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
ELDERBORNSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
LET IT DIESteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv (マブラヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Muv-Luv Alternative (マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Shining Resonance RefrainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Last EvilSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Fox Hime ZeroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Project WarlockSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Heave HoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Among UsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Soda Dungeon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
Journey To The Savage PlanetSteam Deck Verified2022-02-11Store Page
Spiral KnightsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-11Store Page
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ChernobyliteSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Element TD 2 - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Mafia II: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
ISLANDERSSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Jump KingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
UNSIGHTEDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poly Bridge 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automobilista 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bug Fables: The Everlasting SaplingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza 3 RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GemCraft - Frostborn WrathSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Power Rangers: Battle for the GridSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Hentai Bad GirlsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Automation EmpireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HUMANKIND™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ready or NotSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gas Station SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
ChorusSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
CartoSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight Pocket DungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza: Like a DragonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
AI*Shoujo/AI*少女Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Library Of RuinaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Shop TitansSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RIDE 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD Battles 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Super Monkey Ball Banana ManiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Kitaria FablesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Sakuna: Of Rice and RuinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Nobody Saves the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SnowRunnerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Football Manager 2022Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
MuckSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari - Love For HireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Left to Survive: Shooter PVPSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
战地指挥官/BattleboomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Treasure of NadiaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Babble RoyaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Vampire SurvivorsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PAYDAY 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grim DawnSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 3: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
DOOM IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Killing Floor 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
TrackMania² StadiumSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Dying LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Crew™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
SNOW - The Ultimate EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® Marvel™ Super HeroesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shovel Knight: Treasure TroveSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of Maj'EyalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Ori and the Blind ForestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The LEGO® Movie - VideogameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Edge Of EternitySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Grand Theft Auto VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Gang BeastsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The RoomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Pit People®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ryse: Son of RomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 5Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Enter the GungeonSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Poker Night at the InventorySteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
State of Decay: YOSESteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party PackSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Mad Games TycoonSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
TY the Tasmanian TigerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Slime RancherSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Drawful 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
PreySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MMORPG Tycoon 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
City Car DrivingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HYPERCHARGE: UnboxedSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
art of rallySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
The Sexy BrutaleSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
My Friend PedroSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Fire Pro Wrestling WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Okami HDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Total War: WARHAMMER IISteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Slasher's KeepSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Devil May Cry 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GriftlandsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
CarX Drift Racing OnlineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Stick Fight: The GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MudRunnerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
RollerCoaster Tycoon® ClassicSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Trine 4: The Nightmare PrinceSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
GRIDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Overcooked! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane TrilogySteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Tales of AriseSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ - Digital Edition of LightSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
DungreedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
FIGHT KNIGHTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
WWE 2K19Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
LEGO® DC Super-VillainsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza KiwamiSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Untitled Goose GameSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Subnautica: Below ZeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor MultiplayerSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Super Robot Wars 30Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Yakuza Kiwami 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
MinoriaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Project CARS 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Bloons TD 6Steam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
Spiritfarer®: Farewell EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never EndsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-10Store Page
HavenSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
古剑奇谭三(Gujian3)Steam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Ring of PainSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Amnesia: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-02-10Store Page
Garfield Kart - Furious RacingSteam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Just Cause™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-09Store Page
Cat QuestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Darksiders GenesisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Cat Quest IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-09Store Page
Fireworks Mania - An Explosive SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
The FalconeerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
UnpackingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Demon TurfSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Life is Strange: Before the StormSteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
Evil Genius 2: World DominationSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 5Steam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
Tomb Raider: AnniversarySteam Deck Playable2022-02-08Store Page
NidhoggSteam Deck Verified2022-02-08Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIII - REMASTEREDSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
IntravenousSteam Deck Verified2022-02-07Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 6Steam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Luck be a LandlordSteam Deck Verified2022-02-06Store Page
Master RebootSteam Deck Playable2022-02-06Store Page
Paradise KillerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
ISEKAI QUESTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-05Store Page
Curse of the Dead GodsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Cyber HookSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
NIMBY RailsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Heavenly BodiesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
DAEMON X MACHINASteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Boomerang XSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Metal UnitSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IIISteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
FINAL FANTASY IVSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 7Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Blue FireSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Madden NFL 21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Loop HeroSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 4Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Shadow Man RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Dead EstateSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Aeterna NoctisSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Orcs Must Die! 3Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Supraland Six Inches UnderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Seed of the Dead: Sweet HomeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Idle WastelandSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SprocketSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
RAILROADS Online!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
SpeedRunnersSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Sonic Adventure 2Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Nuclear ThroneSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
7 Days to DieSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Darkest Dungeon®Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Offworld Trading CompanySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
StellarisSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
INSIDESteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SUPERHOTSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Regency SolitaireSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BaronySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Football, Tactics & GlorySteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
HELLDIVERS™ Dive Harder EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Spelunky 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
CaveblazersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Ultimate Fishing SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Genital JoustingSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Human: Fall FlatSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Planet CoasterSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Just Cause 4 ReloadedSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Redout: Enhanced EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Super Meat Boy ForeverSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
KingswaySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Realm GrinderSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Disco Elysium - The Final CutSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Drug Dealer SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Kingdom Two CrownsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleSteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't DrySteam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
Bejeweled® 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WHAT THE GOLF?Steam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
SupaplexSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Katamari Damacy REROLLSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Football Manager 2019Steam Deck Playable2022-02-04Store Page
WORLD OF HORRORSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Hentai Girl HimeSteam Deck Verified2022-02-04Store Page
Mortal ShellSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Potion Craft: Alchemist SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-03Store Page
Tricky TowersSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Pathologic 2Steam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife AdventureSteam Deck Verified2022-02-03Store Page
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PGA TOUR 2K21Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
F1® 2021Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Black BookSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
NGU IDLESteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Bully: Scholarship EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DEATHLOOPSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
tModLoaderSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
IdleOn - The Idle MMOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DXSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
God of WarSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
World Nations GameSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider IV: The Last RevelationSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
HITMAN™Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Sniper Elite 3Steam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BattleBlock Theater®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Path of ExileSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Rocket League®Steam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
The Evil WithinSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
American Truck SimulatorSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BeamNG.driveSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
LEGO® Star Wars™ - The Complete SagaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tales of ZestiriaSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Garfield KartSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The SurgeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
PsychonautsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Empyrion - Galactic SurvivalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
FirewatchSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Darksiders II Deathinitive EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
FINAL FANTASY VIISteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Hearts of Iron IVSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
The Room ThreeSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
BayonettaSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Quantum BreakSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Two Point HospitalSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Deep Rock GalacticSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
DARK SOULS™: REMASTEREDSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Monster Hunter: WorldSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Fallout ShelterSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Dead CellsSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant KingdomSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Return of the Obra DinnSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
UnderMineSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Airport CEOSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Farm TogetherSteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETESteam Deck Verified2022-02-02Store Page
Tomb Raider: LegendSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
A Dance of Fire and IceSteam Deck Playable2022-02-02Store Page
West of DeadSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon RoarsSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Travellers RestSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Behind the Frame: The Finest ScenerySteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 0Steam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Business Tour - Board Game with Online MultiplayerSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Deus Ex: Game of the Year EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-02-01Store Page
Fell Seal: Arbiter's MarkSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
NEKOPARA ExtraSteam Deck Verified2022-02-01Store Page
Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Happy's Humble Burger FarmSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Graveyard KeeperSteam Deck Verified2022-01-31Store Page
Hellish QuartSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...Steam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
The Life and Suffering of Sir BranteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
PowerWash SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Sam & Max Save the WorldSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
The Jackbox Party Pack 8Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Paint the Town RedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
MADNESS: Project NexusSteam Deck Playable2022-01-29Store Page
Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
WytchwoodSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Baba Is YouSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Daymare: 1998Steam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
RoundguardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
Death TrashSteam Deck Verified2022-01-29Store Page
GRIMESteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower DefenseSteam Deck Verified2022-01-28Store Page
Life is Strange 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-27Store Page
LIMBOSteam Deck Verified2022-01-26Store Page
A Short HikeSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
TerrariaSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
The Henry Stickmin CollectionSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
ULTRAKILLSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Hotline MiamiSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Half-Life 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Euro Truck Simulator 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
A Hat in TimeSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
The Witcher® 3: Wild HuntSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
PortalSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Stardew ValleySteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Katana ZEROSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Left 4 Dead 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Slay the SpireSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Rhythm DoctorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-23Store Page
Tetris® Effect: ConnectedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
InscryptionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Circuit SuperstarsSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Twelve MinutesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
HadesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FINAL FANTASYSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DEATH STRANDINGSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Gunfire RebornSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Need for Speed™ HeatSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
A Way OutSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Titanfall® 2Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dead Space™ 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield VSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 1 ™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Battlefield 4™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rogue Legacy 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Dyson Sphere ProgramSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
WebbedSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Swords of Legends OnlineSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
It Takes TwoSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
BRAVELY DEFAULT IISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Cookie ClickerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Lost in Random™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Madden NFL 22Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Aliens: Fireteam EliteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Tomb RaiderSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Castle Crashers®Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DishonoredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Mad MaxSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Crypt of the NecroDancerSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SubnauticaSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
CupheadSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VISteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RimWorldSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First SinSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY EditionSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Hollow KnightSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
DARK SOULS™ IIISteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SEASON OF MYSTERY: The Cherry Blossom MurdersSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Rise of the Tomb Raider™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
FactorioSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
APE OUTSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Manifold GardenSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
CelesteSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NieR:Automata™Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Guacamelee! 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Stormworks: Build and RescueSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Into the BreachSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Remnant: From the AshesSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Portal 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Risk of Rain 2Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Wasteland 3Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
RADSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SableSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
The MessengerSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
SCARLET NEXUSSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Farming Simulator 19Steam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY EditionSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Tribes of MidgardSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
NoitaSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
TuncheSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Death's DoorSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Among TreesSteam Deck Playable2022-01-22Store Page
EastwardSteam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page
Super Mega Baseball 3Steam Deck Verified2022-01-22Store Page

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